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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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June 30, 2024 Readings

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) 2024: Marking the Rise of the Global South Century and Decline of Western Economies

Up to half a million NATO soldiers waiting to enter Ukraine

It’s the End of the World As We Know It. The American-NATO Rush Toward Nuclear War with Russia. Scott Ritter – Global Research

Our Rulers Are Literally Driving Us Crazy

Doug Casey on Insider Trading… Why Politicians Can Do it and You Can’t

You Keep Using the Term ‘Authoritarian’ ⋆ Brownstone Institute

Over 80 UK war planes deployed from Cyprus to Lebanon since 7 Oct: Report

Dam In East Texas On ‘Potential Failure Watch’ | ZeroHedge

Lithium: A Clean Energy Solution with a Dirty Secret | OilPrice.com

Iran Threatens Israel With ‘Obliterating War’ If It Attacks Lebanon | ZeroHedge

Low snow on the Himalayas threatens water security: Study

Groundwater Depletion Maps Reveal Depths of “Extreme” and “Exceptional” Mexican Drought

The Supreme Court Punts on Censorship – by Matt Taibbi

Sky’s the Limit For Our Debt and the Money Supply

It was the media, led by the Guardian, that kept Julian Assange behind bars

Are Humans Worth More Than Other Organisms?

Climate crisis sees rise in illegal water markets in the Middle East

Panama Canal agency warns water shortage “is not over”

From Assange to 9/11 to Supply Chain Failures: When Can You Believe Government Explanations?

Pyongyang Says It Will Send Troops to Ukraine Within a Month

Electing the Next Dictator: Ugly Truths You Won’t Hear from Trump or Biden – Global Research

Trade War Between Europe and China Is Creeping Closer – Global Research

US, UK and EU Preparing for War Against Russia. Reinstating the Draft – Global Research

America’s Dark Day – Scott Ritter Extra

Scale Up Nature

Big Banks Pass an Extreme Stress Test Including 10 Percent Unemployment – MishTalk

As Putin floats peace terms, US-Ukraine call for prolonged war

G3P: Global Public-Private Partnerships and the United Nations

Here’s Why These Troubling Trends Mean Mass Chaos is Likely Coming to the West…

Chaos is Spreading Everywhere! – by David Haggith

Where and Why Tornado Risk is Growing as Climate – and Communities – Change

How To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Heatwaves and wildfires strike across US as tropical storm forms in gulf | Extreme weather | The Guardian

We’ve Hit Peak Denial. Here’s Why We Can’t Turn Away From Reality | Scientific American

Scientists “Puzzled and Concerned” – by Guy R McPherson

Our Propagandized Society Is Like A Sick Man Who Doesn’t Know He’s Sick

What Would Happen If This Event of 41 Years Ago Happened Today? – Global Research


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