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Is Trudeau in Bed with Big Pharma?


Winter Weather Exacerbates Supply Chain Crisis


Comment: This is a Whole Foods in a high to middle income suburb in the northeast on January 4, 2022. I live near numerous ports from NJ, PA, to NY. I have lived here my whole life and have never seen the aisles this bare. When corona began the essentials were missing from shelves but now they are completely bare. Did JB completely ruin America?

Reply: The snowfall in the north has only exacerbated the supply chain and food crisis. The ports up north are not what they once were, and perhaps I will elaborate on that in a separate post. Regardless, the shelves should never appear that empty. I too lived in the north for many years, and even amid snowstorms, there was more food available than what I am seeing in your pictures.

It is a global problem, but the Biden Administration is undoubtedly making matters worse. Forced vaccinationstrucker/labor shortagesinflation denial, and increased shipping costs are all contributing to the diminished supply of available goods. Additionally, farmers in the US (and elsewhere) noted that food prices will rise in 2022. Unfortunately, 40% of our exports come in from California, where Governor Newsom has imposed laws to ensure a depleted supply chain for the rest of the country.

Winter weather is now coming into play as a new variable exacerbating the supply chain. As I warned years ago, stock up while you can.

Trudeau Accused of Treason

Comment: Dear Mr Armstrong,
Not everybody agrees in Canada with this bribed psychopath/traitor !!!!


Reply: Oh, I am aware that our neighbors to the north are in no way under the illusion that Trudeau’s tyranny will work in their favor, at least not the people who read this blog. Thank you for sharing the video posted above (shared over Rumble and not YouTube, as YouTube will certainly remove this content).

"You sold us out to globalism. You are not working for Canada! You are working for your globalist partners! I wonder how much they are paying you to betray Canada. What do we do to traitors in Canada, Mr. Trudeau? We used to hang -- hang them for treason. And you're doing that very same thing to us now. We know what you're doing."

Hats off to that woman for speaking her mind! This video was taken at a town hall meeting in January of 2019, and Trudeau’s popularity has only declined since then. An Ipsos poll in November indicated that over half the population (52%) disagreed with the Trudeau Administration. Of the 48% that approve of the Liberal government, only 8% “strongly approve,” while 40% “somewhat approve.” Among the 52% who disapprove, 25% “somewhat disapprove,” while 27% “strongly disapprove.” There are significantly more people who strongly oppose the Liberal government compared with those who strongly approve.

Even among those who approve of Trudeau, the majority said they were on the fence, leading me to believe that the people are beginning to realize his policies have been harmful to the people of Canada. As Trudeau attempts to grab more power, civil unrest will grow as no one wants to experience a third year of COVID tyranny. As that brave woman pointed out — WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

The War on Cash & the Dollar

I have warned that Europe is the epic center for the decline and fall of Western Culture and economic strength. While the US has not yet joined Europe, the Democrats are licking their lips and trying desperately to figure out how to kill cash forcing everything to be digital in search of cash. In Europe, 18 EU countries are now restricting the use of cash and they are desperately trying to terminate cash all for control and taxes. Now it is just presumed that paying in cash means you are engaged in money laundering for that definition has been expanded to just tax avoidance.

Once upon a time, Belgium had an upper limit of €15,000 for transactions in cash. In 2012, they lowered that to €5,000, and then in 2014, they brought it down to €3,000. Bulgaria has outlawed cash payments of around €5,100 euros (10,000 Bulgarian levs) since 2016. A proposed law that has been pending since 2017 will lower that to just €500. The central bank informed the politicians it would not comply with such a low limit. The politicians even went as far as the use of the 500 euro note would have been a punishable criminal offense.

Over in Denmark since July 1, 2021, any payment of up to about 2,700 euros (20,000 Danish kroner [DKK]) is allowed whereas the previous limit was DKK 50,000 since 2013. Prior to that, the limit was from 2006 was DKK 100,000 and once more they claim this is all about combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

France, the origin of communist theory, has been trying to outlaw cash for years. Today, a cash payment limitation stands at €1,000 since 2015. That was lowered from a limitation of €3,000 which was implemented in 2010. In Greece, as of the end of 2016, the upper limit on cash was just €500…

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Fertilizer Inflation Contributing to Higher Food Prices

Food prices are expected to rise going into 2022, and one major contributing factor is the rising price of fertilizer. The American Farm Bureau Federation stated that all nutrients had risen dramatically in cost over the last year:  ammonia has increased over 210%; liquid nitrogen has increased over 159%; urea is up 155%; MAP has increased 125%; DAP is up over 100%, and potash has risen above 134%. This does not include the growing cost of transportation.

Due to growing global demand, the US exports 44% of all fertilizer materials made domestically. Six specific crops generate two-thirds of fertilizer demand: corn (16%), wheat (15%), rice (14%), vegetables (9%), fruits (7%), and soybeans (5%). In the US, corn requires 49% of all fertilizer, with wheat accounting for 11% and soybeans 10%.

The American Farm Bureau Federation expects demand and prices to remain high into the spring season. As a result, farmers are increasingly shifting to crops that require less fertilization. The prices for these nutrients are so high that many farmers will be lucky to break even on costs. As always, these costs will be passed on to the consumer. Expect foods, especially those requiring a higher level of fertilization, to go up in the new year.

Government Surveillance with COVID Microchips

A microchip implanted under the skin that relays your private information to the government seems like a dystopian nightmare. The South China Morning Post announced that a company in Sweden has created the technology and is ready to distribute it to governments worldwide. Around 6,000 people in Sweden have already willing had the “wearable technology” inserted in their hands. It is alleged that “those with microchip implants have stopped carrying vaccine passports, keys, ID cards, and even train tickets with them, thanks to radio frequency identification technology, a wireless system comprising tags and readers.”

I prefer my privacy and autonomy from the government over the convenience of leaving my car keys at home. Once power is handed (no pun intended) over to the government, they will never relinquish it without revolution.

The Sovereign Debt Crisis Arrives

The Sovereign Debt Crisis Arrives

While the world is turning, the economic crisis emanating from the SovereignDebt Crisis in Europe is propelling a very serious outlook as we head into 2022. I have been warning for the past 10 years that the situation would become critical. I have attended meetings with many central banks over this period warning that governments cannot continue to borrow perpetually with no intention of repaying what they borrow.

The Day of reckoning is arriving. They have been using this COVID-19 whipping it up into a panic for the sheet purpose to bring us to the point where their solution will be to default disguised as a solution for the poeple. I will report on the real state of the world financial system and it may be shocking for most. This is not a question of simple hyperinflation for that even implies that the currency survives, The real outlook is far from the claims of the pundits that keep pitching the same story for decades since the collapse of Bretton Woods. Those in power are already running stories that there will be an armed revolution if Trump does not win in 2024, It would be nice if we even have that long before political chaos upsets the financial system.

There will NEVER be a return to normal. These people have divided the people on race and politics and the key to civilization has always been that people come together when they ALL benefit. Civilization collapses when you divide the people, and turn one group against the other.

The Great Unwashed – We The People Are Seen as They Problem

When the people rise up against the tyranny of government, suddenly this is being fueled by populism that must be terminated. It was John Kerry at Davos who was “warning of the dangers of economic populism,” and added that politicians, like Trump, should not listen to the people. “It’s really dangerous to play to the lowest common denominator of American, of global political life.”

The hypocrisy of this statement is really a slap in the face of what we call a free society. It is OK to appeal to the lowest denomination within society that we need to strip the rich of their toys but it is not OK if someone appeals to the people to rise up against the corruption within governments.

They call Snowden a traitor when he told the people the government was acting illegally against the people. Treason is not against the country or the people but is now defined as exposing those in government.

There are those in power like John Kerry who see only their self-interest and not the people. They have no intention of ever even representing the people. This is a political system based upon fraud. Individuals will run for office and declare what they stand for, but when they get to Washington, they are told they MUST vote party lines.  It no longer matters what someone running for office promises, they are told they must vote for the agenda and in this case, it is Agenda 2030 coming from the World Economic Forum.

This is why there is a movement to terminate the right of the people to vote for anything meaningful…

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Facebook Fact Checkers getting Fact Checked

We really have desperate need of independent investigation of both government and Facebook. But the likelihood of an honest investigation is up there with admitting that climate always changes and there is no global warming. The Office of Inspector General is really the ONLY hope of ever having anyone investigate the government. People ask all the time what can we do? The Biden Administration is as corrupt as it can possibly be and I am not talking about Biden and his family. I believe they use that to ensure that they get to do whatever they want and Biden will look the other way or find himself and id son the first criminally charged President in history.

The Office of Inspector General should be inundated with demand to investigate the connection between BigPharma, the government, and the fact-checkers of Facebook who are costing people’s lives. One of the more respected medical journals that called into question Pfizer’s questionable trial data had their articles black-listed by Facebook. Anything that questions this agenda is black-listed. There is something seriously wrong here and the corruption runs very deep. Without overthrowing the Biden Administration, there is ZERO chance of the Department of Justice doing anything to protect the people against this corruption.

Loyalty – Family or Government?

America’s sweetheart, Dr. Fauci, would like to divide families this holiday season by urging people to ensure their relatives and friends are vaccinated. Fauci said only vaccinated groups should gather so that “vaccinated people can feel comfortable.” So tell your grandfather with the pacemaker to stay home alone this Christmas. Perhaps tell your cousin not to bring her unvaccinated baby too. “That’s the reason why people should, if they invite people over their home, essentially ask and maybe require that people show evidence that they are vaccinated,” Dr. Fauci actually said out loud.

This is exactly what the Stasi did in former East Germany until the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) was abolished in March 1990. The Stasi encouraged people to spy on neighbors, friends, and relatives. Children were expected to turn their parents into the state. Under their premise, your loyalty should stand with the state first and foremost.

Snowden’s leak stated that today’s NSA can compile 5 billion mobile records per day, and 42 billion internet records per month. The FBI recently released a document stating they can hack into iMessage and WhatsApp within 15 minutes. The advancement in technology has paved the way for a police state to control the public far beyond anything the Stasi pulled. The government is not your family.

Inflation Soared to 6.8% in November

Inflation is soaring with no end in sight. The Consumer Price Index rose 0.8% in November, marking a 6.8% increase in inflation YoY. According to the Labor Department, this is the fastest pace of inflation since June 1982. In addition, Core-CPI rose 0.5% last month, amounting to a 4.9% annual increase, the quickest advancement since 1991.

Energy prices alone have spiked 33.3% in the past year, and gasoline prices are up 58.1%. Over the past 12 months, food and energy prices rose at the most rapid pace in 13 years. Shelter costs, amounting to one-third of CPI, rose 3.8% on an annual basis. This level has not been seen since the 2007 housing crisis wreaked havoc on the US real estate market.

Despite pay increases of 4.8% this year, real hourly earnings decreased 1.9% over the past 12-months. Service costs rose at the fastest pace since 2007 as well, advancing 3.4% over the past year. Apparel costs are also up by 5% since last November. Everywhere you look, prices are drastically rising.

Overall, the cost of living is astronomical. Basic necessities such as food and shelter price increases have caused more middle-class Americans to begin living paycheck to paycheck. The Federal Reserve claimed it would step in if inflation reached an unsustainable level. A 6.8% increase is unsustainable, inflation is not transitory, and neither the government nor the Fed has made a valid effort to control this growing problem.

The FBI Can Access Your Personal Data in 15 Minutes

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The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) can legally access your “secure messaging app content,” according to a new report by The Epoch Times.  In fact, it would only take officers about 15 minutes to access the contents of iMessages to collect metadata from WhatsApp. Our phones and personal electronic devices can provide agents with our location, contacts, pictures, search history, and more. Numerous people believe that encryption is one-dimensional and their messages are secure.

There are different forms of encryption and ways to bypass poorly encrypted software. People believed iMessage was secure due to Apple’s encryption, but automatic cloud backups are not encrypted and can be accessed. WhatsApp only began offering encryption backup in September, and the feature is not the default setting. The FBI document noted that search warrants could provide them with backup encryption keys as well.

Signal, Telegram, and WeChat are a bit more secure, but the FBI can still determine data logs or when the user logged into the service. Some may shrug and say they have nothing to hide and, therefore, nothing to fear. The problem is that the government can and will twist any information provided to them in order to win or develop a court case. Also, the FBI is not a beacon of ethics, and no one wants to have their personal information publicized. Since the majority of the world is not a threat to national security or a predator, sharing this much information with the government without a subpoena is asinine. All it would take is 15 minutes for someone’s private life to become public government information.

Eurozone Inflation at a Record High

Inflation in the doomed Eurozone increased 4.9% in November, marking the highest level of inflation since the creation of the euro. The larger economies within the bloc experienced a significant rise in inflation, with Germany posting a 6% increase and France experiencing a 3.4% rise. Other nations saw extreme spikes such as Estonia and Lithuania that reported increases of 8.4% and 9.3%.

Artificially lowering rates has backfired; the inverse relationship between reducing rates and increased inflation is now extremely apparent. Like the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank (ECB) is aiming for a 2% inflation target. The ECB does not see anything wrong with its current policy. ECB President Christine Lagarde said that the bank will not raise rates in 2022, although they anticipate inflation to continue into the new year. “We still see inflation moderating in the next year, but it will take longer to decline than originally expected,” Lagarde stated in mid-November. Instead of changing the policy, Lagarde will simply revise inflation forecasts at the December meeting, marking the sixth consecutive time the ECB has done so. She should take a page from Powell’s book and retire the term “transitory” when discussing inflation.

Was 2021 the Peak for Davos?

Reliable sources have confirmed that Klaus Schwab and even attendees have been getting such threats of violence and death that he has postponed Davos in January for the first time, claiming it is due to the pandemic, which is not true. Schwab is, at last, starting to realize that there is a price to his academic theories. There has been an avalanche in Switzerland but it is death threats rather than snow. This sweeping wave of anger is erupting worldwide, and there is no way that security measures can be enacted to protect world leaders. Even the Swiss news outlet Südostschweiz has also reported about the violent threats. Both employees, as well as attendees, have also been targeted personally.

Schwab is going to discover that there is a huge price to pay for his bizarre ideas that you can destroy the world economy in 2 to 3 years and build it all back better, GREEN, in the blink of an eye. Just looking at the USA, there are approximately 350 million people in the USA, and interestingly, according to the 2016 census, there are 3.14 (pi!) persons per family, on average. Consequently, that implies that the number of homes in the United States at most would be 100 million (give or take). According to the 2010 census, we find about 80% of the population lives in cities rather than the suburbs. We are probably looking at about 50% of that 80% living in apartments/condominiums, which would suggest that up to 40% of Americans live in multi-family type housing. If we then take the remainder of 60%, that would seem to be about the round maximum living in single-family structures. If we take the pi number for a family, that implies that there are about 70 million single-family homes. If we look at Statista, then record the number of owner-occupied housing units in the United States by the 2nd quarter 2021 has reached 82.51 million.

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The Lack of Independent Thought

I find it really disturbing that people you thought were capable of independent thought turn out to be like a drone just maneuvering through life without a clue. Geraldo Rivera actually said: “If I’m in your room with my grandchildren who are not vaccinated because they are too young and you lie about vaccine status, and you sneeze on my grandchildren, that could be a crime. That is absolutely so selfish.”

Perhaps Geraldo has failed to comprehend the news that being vaccinated does not prevent you from getting COVID, nor does it prevent you from spreading COVID. The four people who were diplomats that took Omicron to Hong Kong were vaccinated. Using Geraldo’s logic, if you are vaccinated and give COVID to his grandchildren, that’s OK, but if you are not vaccinated then the same act is criminal? You can see how Hitler was able to get people to hate the Jews.

Let me make this very clear, my family had COVID and the grandchildren, under 10, may have had a runny nose at best when their parents were sick for about 10 days. Then in the other family group, one parent had COVID and was laid up for also about 10 days, while the other didn’t get it in the same house. The same with the children under 10. I too probably had COVID, although I tested negative five times, and two doctors said I mostly had it because the tests are not valid.


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I have worked with many governments around the globe for 40 years. Once politics entered COVID, all truth vanished. No government will ever admit this was a mistake. If the vaccines sterilize people or cause heart problems, governments will NEVER admit any side-effect…

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