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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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July 7, 2024 Readings

July 7, 2024 Readings

War is Peace: Andrew Carnegie’s “Temple of Peace” in the Hague–Dr. Jacob Nordangard

GOP Senate Farm Bill Framework, Similar to House Bill, Elevates Threat to Health, Biodiversity, and Climate – Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog

Crash Or Bear Market, Either Way Stocks Going “Down, A Lot”: Mark Spiegel–Quoth the Raven

150 Million Americans Under Weather Alerts As “Potentially Historic Heatwave” Tests Major Power Grids | ZeroHedge

Communicative Resilience in a World-in-Crisis: It Gets Personal! Part 1–Reslience.org.

60 lives lost, hundreds of thousands displaced as widespread floods hit northeast India – The Watchers

Google’s Net Zero Plans Are Going Up In Smoke–Robert Bryce

Earth’s Latest ‘Vital Signs’ Show the Planet Is in Crisis | Scientific American

Alaska’s Juneau Icefield Is Melting at an ‘Incredibly Worrying’ 50,000 Gallons per Second, Researchers Find | Smithsonian

Startling: Humans Are Absorbing Microplastics, and It Is Increasing Our Risk of Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease–SciTechDaily

Climate change is pushing up food prices — and worrying central banks–Financial Times


Olduvai IV: Courage
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Olduvai II: Exodus
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