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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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July 4, 2024 Readings

July 4, 2024 Readings

Petrodollar Panic: Separating Fact From Fiction – RIA

The Politics of Exhaustion–Aurelien

“Gaza Is Complicated.” No It Isn’t, Grow Up.–Caitlin Johstone

Germany expanding intelligence services amid its “preparation for war” with Russia–InfoBRICS

Large Maneuvers of War in Europe Under US Command. Manlio Dinucci – Global Research

The meme that is destroying Western civilisation–Part 1–Steve Keen

“No” To A “Green Energy Transition” “Yes” to An “Energy Reduction Transition”–Kollibri Terre Sonnenblume

Iron In The Blood–Zero Input Agriculture

Drumbeats of a Greater Israel War – by David Haggith

Oh No, Now The US Has To Stop Imprisoning Ex-Presidents For Their Crimes!–Caitlin Johnstone

Orwell’s “Two Minutes of Hate”, False Flags, The Deaths of Children … and the Escalation of Warfare – Global Research

Unveiling the Brennan-Clapper Files: How January 6 Shifted Surveillance Powers–Reclaim the Net

We’re All Living Season 5 of “The Wire” – by Matt Taibbi

Out-of-Control Government Spending Will Break America… And It Just Got Worse–Crisis Investing

How To Obtain REAL Independence… Minimizing the State’s Ability To Coerce You–International Man

The US Is A “Runaway Train” | ZeroHedge

Looking Back, Looking Forward–Chris Smaje

What Does Collapse Look Like? – David Moscrop

240,000 people evacuated in China rainstorms–Phys.org

Startling: Humans Are Absorbing Microplastics, and It Is Increasing Our Risk of Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease–SciTechDaily

Climate change is pushing up food prices — and worrying central banks–Financial Time

Carbon Cataclysm: Scientists Shed New Light on Ancient Apocalypse That Affected the Entire Planet–SciTechDaily

Olduvai IV: Courage
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Olduvai II: Exodus
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