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Global Water Scarcity on Schedule

A new study by the University of Colorado Boulder published on “One Earth” cites water scarcity as the top threat to food security in the next 20 years. “Multiple events occurring at the same time compound the problem,” the study noted, citing droughts, floods, heat waves, pest outbreaks, diseases, and financial and political conflicts. Over 50% of those experiencing food insecurity live in conflict regions, and increasing political instability and civil unrest will cause this figure to rise. Various agencies such as the World Bank and United Nations have cited that food insecurity reached record levels in 2021 and has increased in 2022. However, one aspect that is not often discussed is water.

Humans can survive longer without food than water. Without water, there are no crops or cattle. Other studies point to increasing global demand for water as well. A 2019 study, “Reassessing the projections of the World Water Development Report,” found that water demand increased 600% over the past century.

“Global water demand for all uses, presently about 4,600 km3 per year, will increase by 20% to 30% by 2050, up to 5,500 to 6,000 km3 per year. Global water demand for agriculture will increase by 60% by 2025. By 2050 the global population will increase to between 9.4 to 10.2 billion people, an increment of 22% to 32%.”

Agricultural needs represent 70% of water demand. The poorest nations often have less access to clean water, and these are the same areas where the population is expected to rise. The aforementioned study also states that food demand will increase by 60% by 2050.

Our model projected entering another “grand minimum,” which overtook the sun beginning in 2020 and will last through the 2050s. This will result in diminished magnetism, infrequent sunspot production, and less ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching Earth. We are facing a global cooling period on the planet that may span 31 to 43 years. It is interesting that these studies are pointing to 2050 as the point where water will become extremely scarce as it aligns with our models’ projection for the weather as we will then enter a new sunspot cycle.

The Great Economic Destruction & COMPLEXITY

COMMENT #1: OK Marty, it is now becoming obvious that not only Trump reads your stuff but so does Obama. Trump bought a $19 million remote island and Obama bought one for $15 million. This is not a coincidence. Your war cycle goes nuts next year and we have the worst crop of world leaders pushing us into oblivion. I think it’s to fess up to all the elites who are your clients.


COMMENT #2: I remember you said you don’t know how Socrates does it. Are you any closer to finding out how it is actually predicting events? Do you think it is connecting to a different dimension/realm? everything is possible!
All the best

ANSWER: Neither Trump nor Obama subscribe to our services, at least under their own name. Just about every government is tapping into our forecasts because the computer has called just about everything in my life to my own amazement. They held me in contempt and desperately tried to have me build it for them. I said we would run whatever study they wanted, but the CIA simply reply that they had to own it. It took many years for me to stand up against that, for it would have deprived my main objective to show that there may be a better way to manage society — living with the cycle instead of trying to suppress it. Fed Chairman Arthur Burns concluded that all the battles trying to defeat the business cycle always failed because of COMPLEXITY.

I believe that the success of Socrates is based upon COMPLEXITY that we as humans cannot fully comprehend, no less see. I believe the world economy is much like a rainforest where there are countless species of insects, animals, plant life, and different components of soil…

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US Effectively Declares World War III Starting with Russia

World peace is created by economic opportunity. That is how the Roman Empire flourished for 1,000 years. They conquered much of North Africa during the Punic Wars. They conquered Greece and the East during the days of the Republic. Yes, they conquered all of Europe under Julius Caesar. They captured Egypt under Octavian who defeated Cleopatra VII. They took Britain under Claudius, they conquered the Balkans under Trajan. Constantine even moved the capital from Rome to what today is Istanbul – old Constantinople. What held it together? It was free trade!

There have been enduring phases from the Roman Empire like – All roads lead to Rome. What had created the greatest empire ever known to human history was the fact that it not only merged so many cultures and languages, but everyone benefited from free trade. The conquered lands benefited by becoming emerging markets and private Roman entrepreneurs became investors bringing the unique products from all the provinces to Rome.

The phase, taking the purple, meant becoming emperor for you see purple dye was imported from India and the emperor loved that color so much, nobody was allowed to wear purple other than the emperor. This is why today you will see priests with purple vestments symbolizing that Christ is king.

In the Roman Forum, there is the Via Sacra. This was the ancient Wall Street of Rome.  Ancient commentators recorded that when there was the earthquake in Turkey, panic struck the Via Sacra because of all the investments in that region from the Roman bankers. Roman Emperor Tiberius had to create a bail-out fund and even issued coins declaring this was a relief for Asia.

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Russia-Ukraine War Propaganda Exposed

Kim Iversen from “The Hill” breaks down what’s true and what’s false about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Using images of past wars to depict the current conflict is blatant propaganda. Iversen noted that she mistakenly promoted a picture of Zelensky in full military gear that was taken in April 2021, and honestly owned up to her mistake with an apology. The fake news has spread from the average social media user to the mainstream media, all of who seem to be supporting the same agenda. Even journalists are confused as to what is real.

Although Zelensky is receiving praise from the world for staying with the troops, he is far from a Julius Caesar leading his troops in battle with a red cloak on the frontlines. Everyone fails to mention that Zelensky’s policies pushed Russia from defensive to aggressive. Imagine if we were told Biden would remain in power for over eight years without receiving a proper vote on the matter?

Media outlets throughout the world are misreporting this war. The video above notes a German news channel accidentally aired an explosion leak that occurred years ago in China, claiming it was current footage from the ongoing war. We were shown images of Ukrainian troops dying on Snake Island, only to hear a follow-up that they are still alive. There are two sides to every story. Media channels worldwide are reporting this as a simple black and white, good v bad, situation. Yet, this war runs far deeper than public information will provide.

Armstrong v Schwab

While Nigel Farage spoke at our 2019 WEC in Rome, he said he came because our events were the “alternative to Davos.” For years Schwab and I have been on opposite sides of the table. The stark difference between myself and that of Klaus Schwab boils down to the divergence in economics between Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Smith approached the subject from the realization of not knowing how the economy functioned.

He embarked upon a path of discovery and came upon his monumental revelation of the invisible hand. Innovation can only come from the frontlines, and that is the individual who witnesses an opportunity to create something to fill a need. That can never be the role of government and the movie “Mr. Jones” illustrated that central control. Communism could not produce enough food so Stalin stole it from the Ukrainians, causing 7 million to die all to pretend communism did not fail.

That came to a head with the famous 1959 Kitchen Debate where Nixon showed that the innovation that raised the living standards of the people came only from those of the frontlines — the people. This idea of material “equality” and focusing only on that aspect dehumanized society and deprived it of innovation from the people. This became the stark difference between Smith and Marx, which to this day distinguishes even me from Klaus Schwab.

It was the academics who rejected the idea of laissez-faire and the invisible hand and took the position that they could improve society by manipulating the people. They took the position that the government held the power to control the economy at will. This became the “New Economics” or Keynesian Economics, which even Keynes admitted he was wrong before he died…

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Is the Future Predetermined?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; it is easy to see why the government wanted Socrates. You said Monday would be the low then a bounce and that is what unfolds. You forecast so many markets and you get it to the day. Others claim this is the guy who called 2008 so buy his latest forecast resting on a single forecast. Your track record is far beyond anyone ever. How can you do this? Is the future predetermined?


Many people have written in to ask the same question, for example: “I had begun settling on the position (with relative comfort) that while technicals provide insights into the market, its the market makers that manipulate conditions to the point of driving it in one direction or the other – unless of course, there’s a significant fundamental reason for the market to be guided by the invisible hand.
However, after experiencing Socrates and learning more about your approach, I find it challenging (mentally) to accept that there isn’t a pre-designed aspect guiding markets the way they roll.”

Others have asked: “Does Socrates foresee the birth and emergence of great teachers to come who have the capacity of overcoming the Deep State and bringing the world back into an economic balance?” Then there are questions such as: “Because Socrates was created by you, does it carry an inherent bias on economic theories about the world that it generates 1000 reports on a day for? Is it not impossible to truly be conscious and to accurately see the global economic landscape without having a fundamental empathy (being truly human to know what human nature is).”

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Trudeau Will Freeze the Bank Accounts of All Protestors

Desperate and unwilling to speak directly to the truckers, Justin Trudeau is now vowing to freeze the personal and business bank accounts of those involved in the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau is drunk with power and passed the emergency order despite the premiers of Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta stating it is an unnecessary move. Only Ontario’s Doug Ford supports the extreme measure. Quebec Premier Francois Legault believes the emergency order will “throw oil on the fire.”

This is the first time that a Canadian prime minister invoked the 1988 Emergencies Act, which is intended for an “urgent and critical situation” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians.” Deeming a peaceful protest an act of terrorism is an act of free speech oppression. Trudeau believes he deserves praise for refraining from deploying troops to end the protest through violence. “We are not suspending fundamental rights or overriding the Charter of Rights and Freedom. We’re not limiting people’s freedom of speech. We are not limiting freedom of peaceful assembly. We are not preventing people from exercising their right to protest legally,” Trudeau said while speaking at Parliament Hill on Monday.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney told reporters, “We would prefer that the emergency act not be invoked. But if it is, we would very much prefer that it not be applied to Alberta. It’s not needed. It could make the situation even more complicated.” Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe stated that the police already have the tools required to remove illegal blockades, therefore, “Saskatchewan does not support the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act.” NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh supports Trudeau’s decision but said it points to a larger problem with the Trudeau Administration. “The fact that the Prime Minister is resorting to this measure is proof of a failure of leadership…

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The West is Crumbling & Putin Knows It

QUESTION: It appears that Russia has shifted its focus claiming it may need to protect Russian citizens in Eastern Ukraine. You seem to have more insight than what I read elsewhere. Biden is now scrambling with Borris here in London on a way to appease Russia. Do you think this will succeed?


ANSWER: This is the oldest excuse in the book which every government has used from the USA to Hilter’s invasions to protect Germans living in Czechoslovakia was a similar excuse. In the case of the Sudetenland, the Czechoslovak borderland, it was annexed in 1938 because the German local majority had the right to self-determination. Even in 1989, In December 1989, the United States invaded Panama Canal Zone to protect the Americans there. What Putin has declared is nothing new. Most major powers have acted on the very same grounds. However, by Putin saying this is precisely what I have been saying. He could just take the East and not bomb Kyiv. That would back that excuse to protect the Russians in East Ukraine.

Putin has already won. The West tried to call his bluff and rejected everything he asked for. The problem with this poker game is that Putin holds all the cards and he is a master chess player. Our model picked up this week as capital flows have been in a state of panic. But Putin has previously sold all US debt holdings and we did not witness a massive wholesale liquidation of US debt by China. Our model has not shown a sustained crisis and it appears that we do have a situation where the West is crumbling.

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Video from 1947 – Don’t Be a Sucker

This old film from 1947 serves as a warning — do not allow the government to divide us.

The video discusses how the people came together as the German people until Hitler came to power. The people were then divided by race and religion, separated, and no longer allowed to identify as simply “German.”

“If those people stuck together, if they had protected each other, they could have resisted the Nazi threat. Together they would have been strong, but once they allowed themselves to be split apart, they were helpless. When that first minority lost out, everybody lost out. They made the mistake of gambling with other people’s freedom,” the narrator said.

“You have a right to be who you are and say what you think because here we have personal freedom. These are not just fancy words, this is a practical and priceless way of living. But we must work it. We must guard everyone’s liberty or we will lose our own.”

Is Trudeau in Bed with Big Pharma?


Winter Weather Exacerbates Supply Chain Crisis


Comment: This is a Whole Foods in a high to middle income suburb in the northeast on January 4, 2022. I live near numerous ports from NJ, PA, to NY. I have lived here my whole life and have never seen the aisles this bare. When corona began the essentials were missing from shelves but now they are completely bare. Did JB completely ruin America?

Reply: The snowfall in the north has only exacerbated the supply chain and food crisis. The ports up north are not what they once were, and perhaps I will elaborate on that in a separate post. Regardless, the shelves should never appear that empty. I too lived in the north for many years, and even amid snowstorms, there was more food available than what I am seeing in your pictures.

It is a global problem, but the Biden Administration is undoubtedly making matters worse. Forced vaccinationstrucker/labor shortagesinflation denial, and increased shipping costs are all contributing to the diminished supply of available goods. Additionally, farmers in the US (and elsewhere) noted that food prices will rise in 2022. Unfortunately, 40% of our exports come in from California, where Governor Newsom has imposed laws to ensure a depleted supply chain for the rest of the country.

Winter weather is now coming into play as a new variable exacerbating the supply chain. As I warned years ago, stock up while you can.

Trudeau Accused of Treason

Comment: Dear Mr Armstrong,
Not everybody agrees in Canada with this bribed psychopath/traitor !!!!


Reply: Oh, I am aware that our neighbors to the north are in no way under the illusion that Trudeau’s tyranny will work in their favor, at least not the people who read this blog. Thank you for sharing the video posted above (shared over Rumble and not YouTube, as YouTube will certainly remove this content).

"You sold us out to globalism. You are not working for Canada! You are working for your globalist partners! I wonder how much they are paying you to betray Canada. What do we do to traitors in Canada, Mr. Trudeau? We used to hang -- hang them for treason. And you're doing that very same thing to us now. We know what you're doing."

Hats off to that woman for speaking her mind! This video was taken at a town hall meeting in January of 2019, and Trudeau’s popularity has only declined since then. An Ipsos poll in November indicated that over half the population (52%) disagreed with the Trudeau Administration. Of the 48% that approve of the Liberal government, only 8% “strongly approve,” while 40% “somewhat approve.” Among the 52% who disapprove, 25% “somewhat disapprove,” while 27% “strongly disapprove.” There are significantly more people who strongly oppose the Liberal government compared with those who strongly approve.

Even among those who approve of Trudeau, the majority said they were on the fence, leading me to believe that the people are beginning to realize his policies have been harmful to the people of Canada. As Trudeau attempts to grab more power, civil unrest will grow as no one wants to experience a third year of COVID tyranny. As that brave woman pointed out — WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

The War on Cash & the Dollar

I have warned that Europe is the epic center for the decline and fall of Western Culture and economic strength. While the US has not yet joined Europe, the Democrats are licking their lips and trying desperately to figure out how to kill cash forcing everything to be digital in search of cash. In Europe, 18 EU countries are now restricting the use of cash and they are desperately trying to terminate cash all for control and taxes. Now it is just presumed that paying in cash means you are engaged in money laundering for that definition has been expanded to just tax avoidance.

Once upon a time, Belgium had an upper limit of €15,000 for transactions in cash. In 2012, they lowered that to €5,000, and then in 2014, they brought it down to €3,000. Bulgaria has outlawed cash payments of around €5,100 euros (10,000 Bulgarian levs) since 2016. A proposed law that has been pending since 2017 will lower that to just €500. The central bank informed the politicians it would not comply with such a low limit. The politicians even went as far as the use of the 500 euro note would have been a punishable criminal offense.

Over in Denmark since July 1, 2021, any payment of up to about 2,700 euros (20,000 Danish kroner [DKK]) is allowed whereas the previous limit was DKK 50,000 since 2013. Prior to that, the limit was from 2006 was DKK 100,000 and once more they claim this is all about combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

France, the origin of communist theory, has been trying to outlaw cash for years. Today, a cash payment limitation stands at €1,000 since 2015. That was lowered from a limitation of €3,000 which was implemented in 2010. In Greece, as of the end of 2016, the upper limit on cash was just €500…

…click on the above link to read the rest of the article…

Fertilizer Inflation Contributing to Higher Food Prices

Food prices are expected to rise going into 2022, and one major contributing factor is the rising price of fertilizer. The American Farm Bureau Federation stated that all nutrients had risen dramatically in cost over the last year:  ammonia has increased over 210%; liquid nitrogen has increased over 159%; urea is up 155%; MAP has increased 125%; DAP is up over 100%, and potash has risen above 134%. This does not include the growing cost of transportation.

Due to growing global demand, the US exports 44% of all fertilizer materials made domestically. Six specific crops generate two-thirds of fertilizer demand: corn (16%), wheat (15%), rice (14%), vegetables (9%), fruits (7%), and soybeans (5%). In the US, corn requires 49% of all fertilizer, with wheat accounting for 11% and soybeans 10%.

The American Farm Bureau Federation expects demand and prices to remain high into the spring season. As a result, farmers are increasingly shifting to crops that require less fertilization. The prices for these nutrients are so high that many farmers will be lucky to break even on costs. As always, these costs will be passed on to the consumer. Expect foods, especially those requiring a higher level of fertilization, to go up in the new year.

Government Surveillance with COVID Microchips

A microchip implanted under the skin that relays your private information to the government seems like a dystopian nightmare. The South China Morning Post announced that a company in Sweden has created the technology and is ready to distribute it to governments worldwide. Around 6,000 people in Sweden have already willing had the “wearable technology” inserted in their hands. It is alleged that “those with microchip implants have stopped carrying vaccine passports, keys, ID cards, and even train tickets with them, thanks to radio frequency identification technology, a wireless system comprising tags and readers.”

I prefer my privacy and autonomy from the government over the convenience of leaving my car keys at home. Once power is handed (no pun intended) over to the government, they will never relinquish it without revolution.

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