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US Effectively Declares World War III Starting with Russia

World peace is created by economic opportunity. That is how the Roman Empire flourished for 1,000 years. They conquered much of North Africa during the Punic Wars. They conquered Greece and the East during the days of the Republic. Yes, they conquered all of Europe under Julius Caesar. They captured Egypt under Octavian who defeated Cleopatra VII. They took Britain under Claudius, they conquered the Balkans under Trajan. Constantine even moved the capital from Rome to what today is Istanbul – old Constantinople. What held it together? It was free trade!

There have been enduring phases from the Roman Empire like – All roads lead to Rome. What had created the greatest empire ever known to human history was the fact that it not only merged so many cultures and languages, but everyone benefited from free trade. The conquered lands benefited by becoming emerging markets and private Roman entrepreneurs became investors bringing the unique products from all the provinces to Rome.

The phase, taking the purple, meant becoming emperor for you see purple dye was imported from India and the emperor loved that color so much, nobody was allowed to wear purple other than the emperor. This is why today you will see priests with purple vestments symbolizing that Christ is king.

In the Roman Forum, there is the Via Sacra. This was the ancient Wall Street of Rome.  Ancient commentators recorded that when there was the earthquake in Turkey, panic struck the Via Sacra because of all the investments in that region from the Roman bankers. Roman Emperor Tiberius had to create a bail-out fund and even issued coins declaring this was a relief for Asia.

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