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Impending System Failure

Impending System Failure

Readying the war machine for what’s to come

Soldiers from the 3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne, Kuwaiti desert, March 20, 2003.
Soldiers from the 3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne, Kuwaiti desert, March 20, 2003. (AP Photo/Jean-Marc Bouju/National Journal)

H.R. 8070, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2025 features the usual increase in “defense” spending to a record $883.7 billion. It takes money to be by far the biggest arms supplier to the world at 41.7 percent and provide the munitions necessary to murder Palestinian women and children. We also, most sadly, have to think about the future, as droughts, floods and temperature extremes destroy economies and create resource wars. This is not to say that I approve.

$883.7 billion works out to about $2600, for each one of us Americans spreading corporatocracy far and wide, shell by shell, proxy war by proxy war.

I just read a post by Dennis Kucinich, remember him, the man who ran for president and had the “radical” idea of creating a Department of Peace? He lost, of course. In his article, he mentioned there’s an amendment to the latest Pentagon budget to reinstate the draft. I double-checked.

Sure enough, section 531 addresses automatic registration in the Selective Service System, stating:

Except as otherwise provided in this title, every male citizen of the United States, and every other male person residing in the United States, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six, shall be automatically registered under this Act by the Director of the Selective Service System.”

Huh. I guess we still need living, breathing bodies to operate remote AI enhanced weapons hovering about. I responded to Dennis, knowing one of our fine public servants would be eager to get back to me.

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