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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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Al Gore Said the Ice Caps would be Gone by 2014 – Yes 2014!

2014 Gore_Polar_ice_cap_may_disappear_by_summer_2014


The Press REFUSES to hold all of these failed Climate Change forecasts to test. All they do is keep moving the date for our doom, all due to CO2. In fact, the real crisis is the continued weakening of the magnetic field, which leads to pole shifts about every 43000 years – yes, that conforms to the ECM frequency. The major shifts we discovered from the data scientists provided us came out to be 720,000 years. Either way, they both seem to be lining up in our lifetime. We are headed more into a pole shift than a climate change thanks to CO2. The fact that they are targeting farmers when we should be stockpiling food now is either the most idiotic human decision in history or intentional with hopes of reducing the population.

1970 Climate Change

If I keep forecasting every year that the stock market would crash by 90%, I think they would call me a nut-job and laugh after ten years of perpetual failed forecasts. But with the climate, they just love to keep the fraud going. After June 6th, they are whispering about restricting travel to reduce CO2 this summer. They want to deprive you of your vacation this year as well.

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