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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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The end of the Oil Age, as we knew it

The end of the Oil Age, as we knew it

I’ve just spent the last hour reading this long article, full of links to keep you occupied right through the holidays…. Louis loves his acronyms, and they can be tedious, but this is such an important piece of work. He’s the only person I know who thinks in a thermodynamic fashion; and as we know, thermodynamics takes no prisoners. You have to bear in mind he wrote this in 2017 when not many people were forecasting a pandemic. As I’ve been saying, pandemic or no pandemic, 2020 was crunch time, and 2030 is full on TSHTF time. You might need a strong drink at the end….

Part 3 of Looking down the barrel — the Tooth Fairy & the Dragon-King

This is our fifth GB post on the global demand for something else. Our two previous posts cast light on two “thermodynamic elephants” roaming in the “globalised industrial world room”, the GIW — the loss of access to bioenergy and the loss of access to oil. We characterised the second elephant as being in fact a Dragon-King, the Oil Fizzle Dragon-King (OFDK), that is, a very high probability abrupt process of very high impact that nonetheless almost no one saw coming because they were blinded by their beliefs, prejudices and short term interests. We are now going to look more in depth down the barrel, into the fizzling out, that is, the oil dynamics that triggered OFDK, as this will give us insight as to what may be coming next and how best to address OFDK. Most importantly, OFDK heralds the end of fiat currencies and an explosion of the demand for cryptocurrencies anchored in sound thermodynamics.

The Oil Fizzle Dragon-King in brief

Figure 1 — This is not a Black Swan

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Olduvai IV: Courage
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Olduvai II: Exodus
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