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Eight Pre-Hurricane Season Preparations You Need To Make

This past weekend Texas experienced its first tropical weather event for the 2021 season, and the season doesn’t officially begin until June 1st. Each year the tropics have been becoming active earlier than expected, and at this time they are unofficially starting the season in mid-May. Now is the time for the coastal United States to start preparing for what will inevitably be another active hurricane season.

2021 has proven that we need to be prepared for anything. The CDC recommends that each family have enough food and water on hand for a disaster that will last up to three days. Personally, I think two weeks of food and water on hand is a better goal especially since it could be weeks before the power infrastructure is fully operational. The following 8 items are what I personally recommend completing before the start of hurricane season.

1. Food

The best foods to have on hand during a hurricane are non-perishable food items that can serve many purposes. We recommend these 25 foods for your emergency food pantry. Be sure to include multiple can openers that do not require electricity to use.

If you have family members who have special needs, be sure to accommodate for those needs. For example, my daughter has epilepsy and is on a ketogenic diet. She must have plenty of fats, protein, and green vegetables. Meanwhile, my son is autistic and gluten sensitive, and he needs to stay away from gluten-rich foods, so pastas, cereals, crackers, and some of the canned soups will not work for him. As well, make preparations ahead of time for those that are dependent on medical equipment. Oftentimes, those who are dependent on medical equipment to always be powered can feel the most vulnerable in the aftermath of an emergency or when the electrical grid is unpredictable…

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