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Poll Data: Silver Stackers and Solar Panels to Push Silver Higher

Silver will be the best performer in a bullish precious metals market

Much has been said about silver’s outperformance last year, and indeed, what should be an even better year ahead. After climbing to a seven-year high, forecasters have repeatedly stated that there’s plenty of room for silver to shoot up to $50 this year.

Kitco’s 2021 Outlook survey, which polled 1,015 investors, came back with sentiment that was very much in line with previous forecasts. Main Street investors and analysts are bullish on all precious metals, and expect silver to outperform its peers due to a combination of demand from the manufacturing sector as well as investor demand.

The rise in inflation expectations pushed gold to a new all-time high of $2,070 in August, and many participants see plenty of similar action for the yellow metal this year. However, a 56% majority of respondents listed silver as their top choice due to a push for green energy. Today’s solar panels each require 1/3 oz. of silver each, on average, so when interest in renewable energy booms, silver prices tend to follow suit. In fact, some studies suggest that silver supplies might constrain large-scale conversion to solar power, and when supplies tighten, prices rise.

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