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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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Bread and Circuses

BALTIMORE – No whining and kvetching about the Deep State today. Instead, we sit at its feet, admire the cut of its jaw, and sing its praises. We are grateful to it… and not just as a source of amusement. In short, we delight in its incompetence.

o-gigantas-toy-karntif-750x400Excavation of the “Giant of Cardiff” – but there are even more giant, more amusing and more far-reaching frauds on offer these days…     Photo via paranormicstv.com

What brings this to mind is a small item in the news, which, like a pool ball careening across a felted table, knocked two or three others in their pockets before coming to rest. We had to go pluck each one out of its hole and examine it. And what a marvelous fraud each one is! Democracy! Central banking! Welfare statism!

We think of the Swiss as prudent, careful people. They have their feet on the ground and their heads screwed on straight. But they have undertaken a pathetic and preposterous initiative, one so hopelessly ill-conceived, it is worthy of American economists… or French intellectuals.

Specifically, next week the Swiss will vote on a proposal to give a “basic income” to all Swiss residents, whether they work or not: a guaranteed annual income of $30,000. You may have the same reaction we did: This is crazy!

If you can earn $30,000 a year without working, it will be hard for anyone earning less than $60,000 (about the same as $30,000 after taxes in many places) to get up in the morning and put on his overalls.   Why bother?

The waiters will abandon us at our tables, our glasses unfilled and our dirty dishes still in front of us. The valet parkers will drive off in their own new cars. The burger flippers will leave their hot patties in midair as they head home.

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