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For Commodities, This Is The Next Great Depression

For Commodities, This Is The Next Great Depression

While the “sell in 1973, and go away” plan had worked out for some in the commodity space, the destruction of the last decade has only one historical comparison… the middle of The Great Depression.

The 10-year rolling annualized return for commodities is -5.1% – the lowest since 1938…

During the same period Stocks are up 7.3% annualized, Bonds 6.6%, and Cash unchanged. Dip-buying opportunity? Maybe.

UBS thinks so: Tactically we can see a bounce in Q1 before the capitulation starts

Tactically, in September 2015, we actually expected a more significant oversold bounce in commodities from last year’s late September risk bottom into ideally early Q2 2016 before we anticipated more weakness into later 2016. So far, the bounce failed since particularly in the energy complex we saw further weakness into December and the metals have been actually just trading sideways. Nonetheless, according to our Q1 US dollar pullback call, we still see the chance for another rebound attempt in commodities into later Q1, and if so the move can be significant (short covering). Such a rebound would however not change our underlying cyclical roadmap for commodities, and this means that any rebound in Q1 should be limited in price and time before we expect another and potential final capitulation wave to start into H2 2016, where we expect the CCI index to minimum test its 2008 low at 350 to worst case 320.

Commodities… on the way into a multi-year buying opportunity

All in all we are sticking to our last year’s projection and strategy call that commodities are on the way into an important H2 2016/early2017 cyclical bottom. What is missing in our view is the final act in this first bear market.

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