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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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Model Predicts Things Humanly Impossible

QUESTION: OK. I have followed you and Socrates for a long time now. How could it see that the 8th was going to be more important than the 6th and that the vote was going to be postponed?

I am blown away.


ANSWER: I am here only to try to interpret its output without my personal opinion. I have stated many times, I am the one who is wrong not the computer. I really do not know. It is monitoring everything on a global basis. The most subtle moves are recorded and input into its final conclusion.

I use to race cars. When you are driving around the track, you have to watch every car around you. The subtle move indicates what they are thinking. If you have not been in such an atmosphere, it is hard to see. Even when I drive today I still observe every car around me and the slightest move is still an indication of what they are thinking.

June 27, 1998

All I can say is this is what Socrates has developed. By monitoring everything, it is picking up the most subtle moves. It had picked up $100 billion going into Russia in the summer of 1998 and $150 billion fleeing. We put out a warning that Russia would collapse and that began in September 1998. It had also lined up with the Economic Confidence Model.


Socrates was picking it up in global markets. They ended up calling me Mr. Yen because I sold $1 billion at 147 which was the Yearly Bullish Reversal which the market ran up, tested, and then collapsed to 103.


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Is All lost?

COMMENT: I think everyone is doomed. There is nothing to stop them. They have the media, they have courts, they have the academic institutions, they have the public brainwashed, they have the big corporations, they eliminated small business, they eliminated the first amendment, they have people believing all conservatives are evil. They have everything. There is nothing left. There is nothing to stop them, ever. They can and do what they want.


REPLY: I fully understand that the fiscal conservatives who have been behind Trump and see this New Green Socialist World Order as a danger that will eliminate even Democracy is overwhelming. I have been warning that we MUST Crash & Burn. I appreciate how disheartening it may be to see the rise of this Agenda 2030. But this is, unfortunately, the way it must unfold in order to shift the financial capital of the world to Asia.

In order to have inflation, I have also warned that it has NOTHING to do with the money supply. If people hoard their cash and do not invest or spend, then you get DEFLATION even when the money supply increases. It is spending that creates inflation – not the quality of money. Just look at what this election has done and the COVID crisis. The economy is in a downward spiral into 2022 and the antics that the Democrats have pulled in 2020 to win the White House have seriously damaged the economy to the point there is no BUILD BACK BETTER scenario that

We have been projecting that the 2020 election would be the most corrupt. Then we also have warned that from 2020 into 2032 we are looking at the rise of authoritarianism. On top of that, there are so many groups that were against Trump from the military which did not like Trump pulling back. The interference in the US election was well organized and very professional. Of the 6 states in dispute, ONLY in those states did Biden get more votes than Obama. This is a coup not unlike that against JFK, insofar as the intelligence community and military community were out against Trump. Then take the UN and the World Economic Forum’s intent of removing Trump and overthrowing Trump for a host of reasons from climate to Communism 3.0.

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How Can Socrates Forecast Thing Well in Advance?

How Can Socrates Forecast Thing Well in Advance?

QUESTION: Martin –
In the video link you see the blank answer by former Fed Chairman Bernanke when asked, in a 60 Minutes interview, as to where he saw unemployment going/peaking in the last crisis of 2008 (at minute 3:27). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKx1BZd9bjQ
How do you best explain Socrates being able to pick up so far in advance, the heights that unemployment would reach in this crisis; rivaling or exceeding that of the Great Depression, even with this seemingly contrived “virus” being such a curve ball, out of left field?
I’ve been to a David Copperfield magic show before, but this latest call by Socrates beats any illusion I can recall from his show.

ANSWER: It is very difficult to Explain. Everything is connected. I learned with the Cycle of War that the computer was picking up the subtle movements of capital well in advance. It becomes clear that if you were going to start a war, you move your money in advance. This is what these people have been doing. I believe it began last summer with the sudden collapse in confidence in Europe. We ended up with the REPO Crisis hitting in September and they tried to excuse it as a freak event. But Socrates was correctly forecast that as well. At the May Rome World Economic Conference, I put up this slide as to the key issues to pay attention to – the liquidity crisis which manifested into the REPO Crisis because banks were no longer trusting banks.

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Blowout Week 195

Blowout Week 195

It’s official – climate models are overheating and global warming may not be so bad after all. So say two authors of the recent Nature Geoscience study featured in this week’s Blowout. Nature, however, puts a different spin on this “good news” in the next article. We follow up with our customary mix: China’s growing oil demand; how Canada’s oil & gas industry benefits the US; North Sea oil & gas gone within 10 years; Hinkley workers consider strike action; coal woes in the US, Spain and Australia, the US solar industry tears itself apart; renewable energy “guarantees of origin” under scrutiny; Europe’s car makers face CO2 fines; the UK’s smart meter shambles; climate scientists asked to put their money where their models are and how the Giraffe 2.0 solves the EV charging problem.

Independent: Global warming may be occurring more slowly than previously thought

Computer modelling used a decade ago to predict how quickly global average temperatures would rise may have forecast too much warming, a study has found.

Myles Allen, professor of geosystem science at the University of Oxford and one of the study’s authors told The Times: “We haven’t seen that rapid acceleration in warming after 2000 that we see in the models. We haven’t seen that in the observations.” The original forecasts were based on twelve separate computer models made by universities and government institutes around the world, and were put together ten years ago, “so it’s not that surprising that it’s starting to divert a little bit from observations”, Professor Allen added. According to The Times, another of the paper’s authors, Michael Grubb, a professor of international energy and climate change at University College London, admitted his earlier forecasting models had overplayed how temperatures would rise.

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