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Gold & Oil: Understanding Rather than Fearing Change

Gold & Oil: Understanding Rather than Fearing Change

There is much legitimate (as well as dramatic) talk about the failing US, its debased currency and its identity-fractured/inflation-taxed middle-class which has been increasingly described more aptly as the working poor.

The End, or Just Change?

But is America coming to an end? Will the USD lose its world reserve currency status? Will the greenback disappear? Will gold or BTC save us from all that is breaking before our media-clouded eyes and increasingly centralized state?


America is slipping, but not ending.

The USD is being repriced not replaced.

The greenback is still a key spending, liquidity and FX currency. But it’s no longer the premier savings asset or store of value.

Gold (now a Tier-1 asset btw…) will continue to store value (i.e., preserve wealth) better than any fiat money; and BTC will certainly make convexity headlines in the future.

And yes, we all know the Fourth Estate died long before Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo stained our screens or insulted our collective IQ.

And as for centralization, it’s not coming, but already here.

Be Prepared Rather than Emotional

So, yes there is tremendous reason for informed and genuine concern, but rather than wait for the end of the world, it would be far more effective to logically prepare for a changing world.

Rather than debate left or right, black or white, straight or trans, safe or effective, smart (Barrington Resolution) or stupid (Fauci), we’d likely serve our individual and collective minds far better by embracing the logical and tabling the emotional.

Toward that end, we’d be equally better off relying on our own judgement rather than that of the children making domestic, monetary or foreign policy decisions from DC to Belgium…

Logically speaking, the USD (and US of A) is changing.

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