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Marti’s Corner – 49

Marti’s Corner – 49

Marti's Corner at City PreppingHi Everyone,


*  And…….just like that…….it’s cold.  Okay, it’s not Indiana cold, just California cold.  Even though we’ve had frost on the lawn, my tomatoes have not died yet.  I have maybe 2 dozen green tomatoes and I’m just hoping they will ripen (at least blush so I can bring them inside).  I got ONE zucchini, and ONE yellow squash, so we are having them for dinner in a recipe I made up.  I call it Andrew-ala-Toni because it was my son’s favorite dish when he was little.  The recipe is below.

*  My peaches that I canned back in 2016 are looking sad.  But I didn’t want to just throw them away.  So into the blender, they went (after I drained most of the water).  I didn’t need to add any sweetener because I used a medium syrup when I canned them.  I blended them up, spread them on sheets for the dehydrator, and in they went.  This is my second batch.  The fruit leather from the first batch is really good!!!  I’m including it in all my Christmas boxes for my kids.  What child doesn’t like fruit leather?  Now the jars are freed up for other things.

*  I want to share that I finally made a successful batch of almond Roca!  I’ve tried several times and could never get it right.  This year, I found the winning recipe (see below).  I’ve made three batches so far.  Chocolate chips are on sale at Winco for less than $2

*  My lettuce is flourishing!  In fact, it’s time for me to pull out the lettuce that is bolting and plant 2 new tubs.  It takes 4-5 weeks before you can harvest the lettuce.

*  Thank you to Paul Diffley for sending me this link:  5 Imported Foods From China You Should Avoid

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