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Is Powell Again Pulling Strings From “The Shadows”?

Is Powell Again Pulling Strings From “The Shadows”?

Recently, we have seen stocks rally while the dollar falls. Some of us are wondering why the dollar is falling at the same time currency traders are busy penciling in as many as four interest rate increases. The ICE U.S. Dollar Index, a measure of the currency against a basket of six major rivals, was down 0.1% on Thursday hitting a two-month low. This drop leaves the dollar with a loss of 1.2% since the start of the new year.A more aggressive tightening of monetary policy and “hawkish” central bank intent on slowing inflation is generally seen as supportive to a currency. Is it possible Powell dropped the dollar to kick the stock market back up? I contend this is what is happening. Such a move has been used in the past. In volatile markets, like we have today ruled at times by emotions, the fear of missing out, and a slew of traders trained to buy the dip, it doesn’t take much to turn an ugly selling streak into a buying panic.

The combination of a sudden drop in the dollar just as the Fed starts talking about tapering and raising rates is difficult to understand. With most seasoned investors allergic to risk, logic would tend to make them view the coming Fed action as a strong headwind to markets going higher. At the same time, higher interest rates and less expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet generally moves the dollar higher.

While it could be argued the falling dollar simply reflects the coming recession into which the Fed is tightening, again I point to Powell as the great enabler…

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