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EVERYTHING but Bullion & Commodity BUBBLE

EVERYTHING but Bullion & Commodity BUBBLE

I am going to start with something you hopefully can intuit as factual.

Flacid fiat currency values in the aggregate, remain in their greatest bubble of all time. 

How do we know this?!

Because gold bullion is nowhere near what the parasitical establishment will predictably and way too early describe as being in some valuation ‘bubble.’

The coming gold bubble conversation is a moot talking point until at least we clear $4,000 oz in fiat USD valued currently (see the now fiat monetary base vs claimed US Gold Reserves chart below).

In other words, gold has not taken the fiat $USD and almost none of the other +180 fiat currencies entirely to the woodshed, just yet.

Strange, given that global and US fiat currency creation has never been more reckless and speedy than perhaps the first-two- and third QEs following the 2008 financial crisis.

Again fiat Feds are clogging the financial system with more debased we cannot believe its not-QE4 overnight REPO injections. 

Wondering in writing below.

The BIS’ FSB ‘s #1 Bank Bail-In threat remains JP Morgan. That’s a verifiable fact.

Now we wonder if JP Morgan walked away from the REPO market in revenge for their precious metals desk getting US DoJ RICO’d?

Mid-September 2019 timing looks like a match. Bail-ins cannot come soon enough.

One has to go back to early 1980 precious metal bull market peak, back to when especially early 1980 gold prices were making central bank fiat currencies tell their inherent truth.

We are further still now wallowing in fiat valued delusions. Just awaiting the supposed US gold reserves to account from +40 to 100% vs. fiat Fed notes issued currently.

Here is the fiat Federal Reserve note’s ongoing levitation versus all the Official Gold Reserves the USA supposedly holds at the moment. There are trillions of rationalizations for why gold will be rocketing higher in value soon.

EVERYTHING but Bullion & Commodity BUBBLE

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