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The Punishing Consequences of Global Currency Wars, Visualized

The Punishing Consequences of Global Currency Wars, Visualized

As I’ve traveled throughout Asia over the past decade, I’ve noticed that the punishing consequences of global currency wars, in which Central Bankers have greatly devalued the purchasing power of all currencies around the world, can be observed not just when spending money to purchase goods and services, but also in the visual form of these currencies as well. For example, Hong Kong used to have a ten dollar note, but when I visited Hong Kong within the past decade, I noted that the ten dollar note had gone extinct, replaced by Central Bankers with a ten dollar coin. The first time I visited Malaysia, their half dollar coin, called a 50 sen coin, was a large silvery coin (though it contained zero real silver), and the last time I visited, I noticed that the large half dollar silver colored coin had been reduced to a small half dollar gold colored coin (though obviously, it contained zero real gold).

hong kong  dollar devaluation
Hong Kong dollar devaluation
malysian ringgit devaluation
visual evidence of shrinking Malaysian ringgit purchasing power 

There are a number of reasons for Central Bankers’ decisions to radically alter currency appearance during periods of massive purchasing power devaluation that are the consequences of global currency wars. One is merely for psychological reasons. Obviously, one expects greater purchasing power from a plastic/fabric cash note then from a coin, so by converting a cash note into a coin, bankers automatically decrease the people’s expectations of what that denomination should be able to buy. As far as magically shrinking a large coin into a small coin, the same psychology is at play here. Since larger coins have greater purchasing power than smaller coins as a near universal trait among all currencies in every nation, when bankers shrink a coin, they again decrease the people’s expectations of its purchasing power. A third trick used by Central Bankers is simply to keep printing cash notes of larger denominations.

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