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Whistling Past The $70 Trillion Debt Graveyard

Whistling Past The $70 Trillion Debt Graveyard

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Last week, we discussed the setup for a near-term mean reversion because of the massive extension above the long-term mean. To wit:

“There is also just the simple issue that markets are very extended above their long-term trends, as shown in the chart below. A geopolitical event, a shift in expectations, or an acceleration in economic weakness in the U.S. could spark a mean-reverting event which would be quite the norm of what we have seen in recent years.”

This analysis is what led us to take action for our RIAPRO subscribers last week (30-Day Free Trial),as we added a 2x-short S&P 500 index fund to Equity Long-Short Account to hedge our longs (GOOG, CRM, NVDA, EMN, IVV, RSP) against a potential mean reversion.

“This morning, we are adding a small 2x S&P 500 short position to the trading portfolio to hedge our core long positions against a retracement over the next few weeks. We will remove the short if the market can regain its footing and move higher, or the market sells off and reaches oversold conditions.”

This is the purpose of hedging, as it reduces volatility over time, which inherently reduces the risk of emotionally based trading mistakes.

My friends at Polar Futures Group laid out the same concerns on Friday:

“The mean reversion trade: For the past few weeks I’ve been musing that the “irresistible force” that has moved all markets has been the aggressive repricing of future interest rate expectations since last November. 

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