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Muck’s Minute #48 Future of Mankind Part III

Muck’s Minute #48 Future of Mankind Part III

Authors’ note: The response to the first few parts of this series show that the vast majority of readers are myopic in their view point. This series is about l-o-n-g t-e-r-m consequences of currently occurring happenings. It is not intended to be thought of as a One Turning forecast or even multiple 4TH Turnings. A turning is between 80-100 years and I’m talking about a thousand years and specie survival. I’ll try and rein in my long term view after this series and get back to talking about next month.


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The higher productivity of agriculture is the reason why population density and growth has fallen off the table as a popular subject to debate. Additionally, religion that espouses moral opposition to birth control in any fashion (including abortion) is spreading throughout undeveloped areas of the world ( as well as the USA’s swing to evangelical prominence) so we can be sure that more and more of the extra food production technology makes possible will be swallow up faster and faster. Worse luck, that, and our greatgrandchildren will live to regret it. True, this must be balanced against the fact that the more education women get, the fewer children they tend to have. You can also have a problem like they have in China with their “one child” policy that had led them to a demographical time bomb about to go off. On balance, population will still increase with time.

What is far more likely the result of continuing population expansion is war. Wars are fought over possession and control of land. There are, of course, other excuses for fighting a war, such as wars based on religious or cultural differences, but throughout the history of human conflict, fighting over the control of land and the resources thereon is the basis for war.

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