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What if People just stopped voting?

What if People just stopped voting?

The Nothing Pizza of the European Elections

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Europeans eating a nothing pizza.

In the great hubbub that followed the recent European Elections, you had to work hard to find one fundamental datum: the fraction of voters. I had to ask Perplexity to find it for me, and the good AI dug it out from a paragraph nearly at the end of this article: it was 51%.

As for the number of blank and null ballots, we have no data whatsoever. Zero — they do not exist. If it were counted, surely the Brussels Bunch couldn’t claim to have been elected by a majority of Europeans.

It also means that politicians (and not just European ones) are worried about the legitimacy of their position. That’s why they hide significant data about those who refuse to choose between stale cheese and rotten tomatoes on their pizza. The elections are becoming a big nothing pizza that changes nothing and signifies nothing.

Below, a comment that I wrote last week on my Italian blog. It refers to the Italian situation, but I think it will be interesting also for non-Italian readers.

What if People Just Stopped Voting?

The Great Cthulhu as a candidate for elections

Cthulhu for president. Why settle for the lesser evil?

Democracy is a good thing, in principle. And we think it is so important that we often feel justified in imposing it using carpet bombing. But, as time passes, the whole exercise of voting is becoming a mockery of itself. What kind of democracy is one where we can’t vote for peace and against genocide? Why can’t we vote against more weapons and more war? What sense does it make to choose between people who promise a lot but can maintain very little?

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