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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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Finding Our Future

Finding Our Future

We are looking for it in all the wrong places

SolarPunk versus Fossil Fuels AI-Generated – Copilot


The world in the image on the left above is totally dependent on the world in the image on the right. These now function as states of cognitive dissonance, which must be resolved by Hegelian dialectics, but no synthesis is reachable in the available time.

The growing awareness of this has divided our world and produced a looming sense of disaster. We have no political leadership willing or able to understand this.

We live in dangerous times. Everything seems to be out of normal: stagnating economies, inflation, wars and an unfolding ecological and climate disaster. This is clearly not how things ought to be… While many just wave a hand and say, we will get over it, an increasing number of people feel — almost instinctively — that there is something terribly amiss with the stories we tell ourselves about where we are headed as a society. [emphasis added] By now we should be already on track to “decarbonize” the economy and green technologies should’ve brought about a new bout of prosperity… What we have instead is rising emissions, a fracturing world order, and a rapid decline of living standards, especially in the most prosperous parts of the globe… [The Honest Sorcerer; Destiny of Civilization]

The post that includes this quote is an excellent summary of The Honest Sorceror’s position on our late-stage collapse. Current efforts to reduce carbon emissions are failing. Fossil fuels’ role in our civilization will not end until the fossil fuel economy collapses due to the cost of mining and processing those fuels.

At this point, the production of alternate energy systems and our entire infrastructure depend on fossil fuels. While desperate work is being done on this, we are still years away from starting to replace what we must have to survive.

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Olduvai IV: Courage
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Olduvai II: Exodus
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