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Where You (Shouldn’t) Store It: Nine Places

Where You (Shouldn’t) Store It: Nine Places

Think like a thief…

A marketing email just came from Michael Major, author of a book called No Grid Survival Projects, on where NOT to hide your valuables. His ideas are sometimes counterintuitive, which makes them potentially useful:

9 Hiding Spots In Your House Where Looters Always Look First

You may think you already have it figured out for how you can keep your stockpile a secret and hidden from any thieves or looters who may break in.

Unfortunately, thieves and looters can be a bit smarter than you may think. They’re already taking a major risk by breaking into any home, and they won’t want to leave empty-handed in exchange for taking that risk.

Furthermore, many thieves and looters will already be experienced and know exactly where to look in your home for your valuables or stockpiles.

That’s why it’s critical to be extra creative with where you hide your stockpiles and avoid hiding them in areas where looters are likely to look first.

Here are the nine hiding spots in your house that looters will always look for first:

Attics And Basements
It’s common practice for preppers to stockpile their food, water, and other supplies either in the attics or the basements of their homes.

The logic for doing so certainly makes sense. This way their stockpiles are out of the way and out of sight of any guests who come to visit. It’s important to keep your stockpiles as much of a secret as you can.

Just because your neighbors and regular guests are friendly now doesn’t mean that they won’t come knocking on your door demanding supplies later.

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