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We’re Watching The Elite Panic in Real Time

We’re Watching The Elite Panic in Real Time

The avian flu situation is evolving daily now. Farmers and ranchers are starting to show “bird flu-like symptoms,” but they aren’t getting tested. Nobody is forcing them, either. The USDA is inspecting ground beef, but only in states with outbreaks in dairy cows, and only because other countries started rejecting our beef. As one epidemiologist told Scientific American, “We don’t have a good sense of the spread because testing is voluntary and certainly not being done in a systematic way.”

Avian flu has been spreading for months in cattle, and none of our government institutions can tell us anything except, “Don’t panic.”

It’s pathetic.

According to STAT News: “The United States even has some H5 vaccine in a stockpile that it believes would offer protection against the version of the H5N1 virus infecting dairy cattle, though there would not be nearly enough doses for the entire country.” Yes, they believe it would.

They don’t know?

I mean, it’s their job to know. We pay these people a third of our money, and that money is specifically meant for them to know these kinds of things and prepare for them. Instead, what do we get?

“Don’t panic.”

Bird flu was spreading all last year, working its way up the mammalian food chain. Our politicians were too busy worrying about TikTok and Chinese weather balloons. They completely dropped the ball on this one.

We’re told that bird flu isn’t spreading among humans “at this time,” but it “could” at some point in the future. Well, it’s been jumping to every other mammal, including a dolphin.

Even a story in U.S. News has to admit that “no studies have ever been done on the effects of pasteurization on bird flu virus in milk.” They say, “Experts believe pasteurization… should kill the virus.”

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