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The Super Rich Are Robbing Us All Blind

The Super Rich Are Robbing Us All Blind

They do it all the time.

Guess who’s the biggest welfare recipient in Mississippi state history. No, it’s not a single mom with three kids or a homeless drug addict.

It’s Brett Favre, an American football hero.

He’s worth $100 million.

Recently, a reporter named Anna Wolfe won the Pulitzer Prize for uncovering the largest federal embezzlement scandal to ever happen in Mississippi. It revolves around the legendary Favre, who pressured the state’s welfare office to spend $77 million on volleyball facilities for his daughter, a student at Southern Miss. When confronted, Favre went out of his way to portray himself as a clueless victim. As Sports Illustrated writes, Favre was “obsessed with not paying for it himself… He was relentless in his pursuit of government money.” He knew what he was doing. Favre didn’t stop with volleyball, either. He went on to press the governor for more money, via business grants and speaker fees. He even sent texts making sure the public didn’t know “where it came from.”

You’ll have fun reading the texts between Brett Favre and the state’s governor, Tate Reeves. It makes one thing painfully clear:

If you’re a star quarterback, you don’t have to work very hard to get powerful politicians to raise money for anything you want. When Favre asked for the volleyball stadium the governor replied, “We will have that thing built before you know it. One thing I know how to do is raise money.”

That’s interesting…

Mississippi routinely struggles to provide safe drinking water for its own citizens, many of whom live in extreme poverty. Last year residents in the state’s capital went months without drinking water at all. The problem loomed for years as the state continually refused to upgrade and maintain their water treatment facilities…

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You’re Not a Fearmonger. You Have Sentinel Intelligence.

You’re Not a Fearmonger. You Have Sentinel Intelligence.

Some of us are cursed to hear the future.

You’ve probably heard about Helen of Troy. She’s blamed for starting the Trojan War. Not many people remember Cassandra.

She predicted it.

In Aeschylus’s tragedy Agamemnon, you get Cassandra’s full story. In some ways, the Trojan War is really about a bunch of dudes who don’t listen to a woman, and it leads straight to the collapse of their civilization.

In later retellings, they ignore her twice.


Cassandra doesn’t exactly ask for the gift of prophecy. The Greek god Apollo falls in love with her. He puts her under a spell in one of his temples. Then he tells his pet snakes to go lick her ears. When she wakes up, she can hear the future. Apollo tries to seduce Cassandra, but she’s just not that into him. He has a meltdown. Zeus tells him no backsies on divine gifts, so he finds a loophole.

He curses her.

Now when Cassandra hears the future, nobody believes it. If you want to drive someone insane, that’s a good start.

Now get this:

Not only does Cassandra predict the Trojan war, but she also scoops everyone on the Trojan horse. She tries to warn the city that a bunch of Greek soldiers are hiding inside it, waiting to sneak out and unlock the gates after they go to bed. Once again, nobody listens to her. They start calling her names. She tries to smash the horse open with an axe and gets dragged away screaming. A giant wooden horse full of our enemies? What nonsense!

You know the rest.

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We’re Starting to Feel Like There’s Nothing Left to Lose

Everyone’s had enough.

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