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Solutions Are Scary: Part 2 – Economic Rebellion And Black Markets

Solutions Are Scary: Part 2 – Economic Rebellion And Black Markets

September 30, 2023 8 Comments

In the first article in this series I examined the issue of militias and the public taking its security into its own hands.  I did this because frankly, without security, you have nothing.  There are millions of people out there, each with their own pet concerns and many of these people think their primary issue is the secret silver bullet solution to everything.  It’s not.  Security comes first, everything else is secondary.  That said, the most important factor next to physical safety is economic preparedness.

If you were to examine the entire spectrum of globalist policies and programs from the US to Europe to Asia, including climate controls and carbon credits, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), cashless societies, vaccine passports, biometrics, agricultural controls, the “Great Reset,” the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI monitoring of transactions, etc. you will come to the same conclusion I have – Almost everything they do revolves around locking down and micromanaging trade and access to resources.

Not just international trade and the import/export of resources, but ALL trade including the average person’s grocery purchases and private barter. If they get their way you won’t even be allowed to grow a garden in your backyard. Think I’m exaggerating? Just look at what happened during the attempted covid lockdowns – There were leftist state governments trying to deny people access to jobs and food without vaccination status, and at least one (Michigan) tried to stop people from buying garden seeds.

In many places (including Hawaii), they tried to arrest people simply for being outside in parks and beaches. Keep in mind, it is nearly impossible to contract or transmit a virus in the outdoors where open air and sunlight actively kill diseases. Yet, the science was completely ignored in order to control people’s behavioral patterns, social interactions and economic participation.

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