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Will the American Empire Collapse in Our Lifetime?

Will the American Empire Collapse in Our Lifetime?

All good things must come to an end.

Even the greatest of civilizations has an expiration date.

This happened to the likes of Ancient Greece and Rome, who were the most advanced civilizations of their respective epochs.

Once prosperous civilizations, eventually met their demise after years of economic and military decline. The arrogance, corruption, and myopia of their respective elites ushered in an irreversible phase of civilizational decline.

For centuries, historians have studied the causes of these civilizations’ respective declines. Elites of previous centuries did the best they could to understand the lessons of the past, and in turn, attempted to build political structures that would avoid similar fates of decline.

The Founding Fathers of the American Republic made sure to learn the lessons of Greece and Rome and create a system of government that would prevent many of the fatal mistakes these civilizations previously made.

While the American experiment has largely been successful, it is starting to go through a predictable phase of civilizational decay.

The past century has witnessed the American political class pursue policies that go against the very nature of the founding of the American Republic. Namely, the adherence to the principles of limited government.

The excessive domestic and military spending, the out of control monetary policy, the cultural decadence…..

Just some of the hallmarks of a civilization that’s clearly in a stage of decay.

It will take a massive awakening of the American populace to reverse course and prevent the country from falling down the predictable route of civilizational collapse.

The US will be no exception to this trend if things don’t reverse course anytime soon.

In the meantime, make sure to check out George Gammon’s video on how the American Empire could potentially collapse.

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