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It Has Been 7% Inflation Since 1996

It Has Been 7% Inflation Since 1996

And so finally, now fiat $USD financial authorities are being forced to admit we have at a minimum 7% price inflation annualized.

The issue, as per usual, is the real value loss truth is like twice that amount in terms of real purchasing power disappearances over the last twelve months.

To attain shreds of credibility, even some in the mainstream financial media now have to report how rigged the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) inflation tracking methodology is.

Of course, yet another deflationary global bankruptcy phase is likely to come about this decade.

Look for perhaps some cyber-attack excuse to cover yet more derivative bet loss insolvencies to come.

And when it does, it will likely turn these increasing-price inflationary pressure downwards for a brief timeframe as it did during the 2008 GFC and briefly, and too at the start of the 2020 pandemic.

Yet our financial authority’s most predictable response mechanism will likely be more seemingly ∞fiat currency∞ creation.

Ultimately and also by major central banks’ pre-meditated ‘Go Direct‘ actions. Secular inflation should remain persistent, reaching levels already now larger than perhaps ever before experienced in most of our lifetimes until significant structural issues of too much record-level fiat currency-denominated debt and unsaved promise piles get reckoned.

Over 7% Inflation Since 1996

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