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Below the Surface: An Interview with Whitney Webb

At Peak Prosperity we will interview anybody at any time about anything as long as we believe we have something we can learn from them. Today we are talking with investigative journalist Whitney Webb about media corruption and the webs of power underpinning current events and the impending Great Reset.

Whitney is one of the few remaining investigative journalists and is widely respected for her incisive analysis and fearlessness in digging below the surface.  Her reporting is featured at her site, Unlimited Hangout, and she regularly writes for the Last American Vagabond.


Chris Martenson:      Welcome, everyone, to this Peak Prosperity podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Chris Martenson. And today, we’re going to take a deep dive with one of the very few remaining investigative journalists and certainly, one of the most fearless; Whitney Webb.

Now, we’ve received many, many requests to have Whitney on the show. And so, if you were one of those people sending in that suggestion; first, thank you. And second, you’re in for a real treat today.

However, I am going to put a caution on this episode. We’re going to cover topics that many would – and quite rightly – find upsetting. And I recognize that I have an unusually high tolerance for engaging in such inquiry and exploring concepts, no matter how dark or frightening they might be, as long as they come with data.

Now, many people, hey, they’re not built this way and that’s perfectly okay. I honor and respect that sort of diversity. And as always, if this content is not adding constructively to your life, then, I’ll trust you to make that determination.

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