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How to Transplant Seedlings Into Your Garden

How to Transplant Seedlings Into Your Garden

Planting your own vegetables and fruits is a big task for any gardener. You’ve put so much time into caring for your seedlings, so moving them from their little pots into your garden is a significant step that takes care and patience.

Some plants do better than others by sowing the seeds directly into the ground. For those plants that need extra care, like tomatoes and peppers, you need to transplant them. Here’s how to transplant seedlings into your garden so they can continue to grow and produce a yield for your harvest.

1. Know When to Transplant

There’s no exact date for when you should transplant your seedlings. Every plant grows at a different rate. However, the general rule is that when a seedling has about four true leaves, you can plant them out in your garden. Another indicator is if you can see the roots growing out of the pot.

Earlier isn’t always better for plants. You need to ensure that there are no more frosts and that the weather stays relatively consistent. Additionally, your plants will need plenty of sunlight, so make sure that the sun is out enough during the day for your plants.

2. Prepare the Soil

Before transplanting your seedlings, you need to prepare the soil. Over the winter, the soil compacts from snow and cold weather.  Add in compost and mulch to raise the temperature so it won’t shock the seedlings.

While preparing the soil, you can harden off your seedlings. To harden them, bring them outside while they’re still in the pots, and gradually increase their outdoor exposure each day.

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