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The #1 Overlooked Prep – What You MUST Do Now

The #1 Overlooked Prep – What You MUST Do Now

One of the most overlooked discussions within the prepper community is in regards to personal health but is by far the most requested topic whenever I do surveys on my channel.  So instead of the typical “eat healthily and exercise” article, I reached out to a licensed Occupational Therapist that works with patients on a daily basis training them in diet and exercise routines and I asked him to help me build the foundation for this article.  I’m going to present a lot of information, some you’ve probably heard before, but at the end, I’ll share with you something I recently discovered that has helped me implement what we’ll outline plus I’ll share some personal goals I’m setting.  So let’s jump in.

For this blog, I’m going to start off by pointing out some background information you really need to understand.  Let’s start with a very critical discussion most people have never heard of.  Again, stick around until the end where I’ll discuss a way I’ve learned to practically implement all of this.

Improving Your Healthspan

You have assuredly heard the term lifespan, but have you ever heard of healthspan?  Your healthspan is the length of time in your life during which you are in reasonably good health.  While you might live a lifespan of over one hundred years, if forty of those years are spent in a wheelchair, drug dependent, blind, or dramatically diminished, your healthspan is shorter.  Experts have been able to break down the critical components of an excellent long healthspan by starting with older, healthy individuals and working backward to define what elements of their lifestyle had led them to not only longevity but useful and healthy life…

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