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Soap Shortages: Here’s How to Stay Clean

Soap Shortages: Here’s How to Stay Clean

We all like to be clean. By doing so, we feel better, much more secure, and confident of ourselves. This is especially important when the power of the circumstances surrounding you are like a windstorm and have transformed your entire world. The inability to buy deodorant, toothpaste, and similar products makes our self-esteem tank down to unreasonable levels.

It´s hard to stand up and fight if we feel we are inferior to our enemies. It´s just the way it is and Communists use this to keep people under control. For those of us who are more or less civilized, at least. The dictatorial regimes know this. They´ve used that scarcity against the populations they need to enslave, for decades. Whether if this works or not, will depend on us.

There’s been a soap shortage in Venezuela

I want to make a parenthesis to present a couple of proofs that evidence the engineered scarcity in Venezuela of the hygiene products. Check this link

Please use your browser to translate, would you? Back then, a guy called Fleming said: “there was not lack of production”.  Knowing the corrupted practices involved in laundry schemes with our currency and the exchange controls…I find very hard to believe anything coming from someone with such strong ties to those powerful positions.

And three years later, after the failed State took “control” of the production, just read this article, informing than the scarcity was worst than ever.


2016 was a though year. Zika virus became almost epidemic,  like Chikungunya disease. Basic goods like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and TP, almost inexistent. Not for us, though. We had a decent amount and we resisted until 2017.

Beware of hastily made commercial products

This being said, I´d like to mention there is an important fact here, which must be carefully registered.

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