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Yes it is Scary – But Necessary

Yes it is Scary – But Necessary

COMMENT: Hi Martin,

Once again, thank you for all the information you provide on a daily basis.  It is informative as well as scary at the same time.  I’m afraid you are preaching to the hard headed.  Here in Canada, people truly believe in government and socialist ideologies.  It is amazing to see that they do not understand that government incompetence and debt is the real problem.  They blame the corporations and the “1%” for not “paying their fair share.”  No matter what is said, we here in Canada, want more social assistance and government to help us out.  Consider the Liberal party in Ontario was re-elected, even though they wasted billions of dollars on boondoggles, and now they want to implement an Ontario pension plan where they take 1.4% from your paycheck and another 1.4% from the employer to put into a government run pension.  We only know where that will end up.
Anyway, I would like to thank you for what you are doing but I’m afraid it is too late as socialism has been ingrained from birth through education.
REPLY: This is the source of the civil unrest. The bankers should sleep with armed guards because this is the type of people who will drag them from their beds in the middle of the night when they realize all is lost in their pensions as they listen to politicians blame the 1% for their failures. The politicians will NEVER admit they do not know how to manage anything. It is always that 1% who do not pay enough rather than their lack of management skills. Society has been rising up against the bankers in every society as government. Even looking at the rule of law, in China they dragged the chief justice out in his robs and killed him on the sport for always ruling in favor of the government many years ago. Riots against bankers even go back to ancient time as well as in the Middle Ages as the people burned the bankers homes in Florence during the 14th century.


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