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CDC Warns Coronavirus Coming To US, Will Be “Tremendous Public Health Threat”

CDC Warns Coronavirus Coming To US, Will Be “Tremendous Public Health Threat”


  • 8 new cases confirmed in Lombardy brings daily total to 16 new cases in Italy
  • China pledges to build 19 new hospitals in Wuhan
  • 253 more passengers depart the diamond princess as 11 of 13 American evacuees in Nebraska test positive
  • Local authorities in China warn people will be punished for not returning to work if ordered
  • WHO’s Tedros: Window for confronting virus rapidly closing
  • CDC says virus tremendous health threat, warns more human to human transmission of the virus in the US likely
  • First case declared in Lebanon
  • Iran confirms 9 more cases as virus reaches Tehran
  • South Korea reported massive jump in cases on Friday as total climbed to 204
  • Global Times insinuates that US might be covering up coronavirus cases
  • Health officials in Hubei ‘apologize’ for changing case confirmation ‘criteria’

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Update (1315ET): The scapegoating continues.

The Epoch Times reports that 8 CCP leaders were removed from their positions following the discovery of 207 cases of the virus inside Rencheng Prison in Shandong, one of three provinces where prison cases have been detected.

After 207 people at Rencheng Prison in #Shandong infected with #COVID19, 8 #CCP leaders removed from their positions, Yu Chenghe, spokesman of Shandong Provincial Gov. announces. #Coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronaviruschina 山东省任城监狱207人感染 #新冠肺炎 8名官员被免职

ust the latest reminder that officials can only hide things for so long with the coronavirus. Any lies or dissembling will be exposed by the onslaught of COVID-19.

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Update (1240ET): As we mentioned below, the CDC had some pretty chilling words for the American public during a press conference on Friday. During the 12:15pm ET update, the organization warned that it had centralized ‘surge’ virus response due to a lack of testing kits and the fact that every state but three is unprepared for the epidemic.

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