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Why Covid-19 Demands Our Full Attention

Why Covid-19 Demands Our Full Attention

This is an unprecedented moment for our hyper-connected planet

There’s a reason we’ve re-directed so much of our attention towards reporting on and trying to understand the novel coronavirus (covid-19) that originated in Wuhan, China in December.

The heart of our approach is to be “systems thinkers.”

“Learn how to see.  Realize that everything connects to everything else”

~ Leonardo Davinci

We don’t see the economy as a closed ecosystem to be analyzed and understood all on its own.  It’s connected to energy flows, especially oil.  So we investigate those, too, with an eye towards working out how fossil fuels’ eventual dwindling will impact an economic system that is utterly dependent on perpetual growth.

Without a healthy planet, without intact and functioning ecological systems, nothing matters in either the economy or the energy markets.  Both impact the ecological world And vice versa.  So we analyze and report on the environment, too.

Which is why we’re confident in claiming that humanity is now facing its greatest threat.  Our current path of depleting our essential resources at an accelerating rate in the pursuit of “more growth” is both unsustainable and self-destructive.

So here we are, with a global economy that’s very cost-efficient but not resilient.  It’s wonderful that Walmart has worked out how to order a new tube of toothpaste from China the second one is pulled off a shelf in Topeka, KS. But that means there is no deep storage to draw upon in times of disruption to the status quo.  No warehouses stocked with 12 months of future goods.  Just a brilliantly-complicated supply chain thousands of miles long that has to work perfectly for things to keep running.

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