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China Reports Huge Jump In New Coronavirus Infections, Deaths; Stocks Tumble

China Reports Huge Jump In New Coronavirus Infections, Deaths; Stocks Tumble


  • China’s Hubei province admits a massive spike in virus cases and deaths (14,840 additional cases and 528 additional deaths)
  • The Sun reports first case confirmed in London, bringing UK total to 9
  • UK hospital confirms worker found to be infected treated ‘small number’ of patients
  • Russia releases two Chinese nationals who recovered from virus
  • China Grand Prix likely to be cancelled
  • Couple onboard ‘Diamond Princess’ tell CNBC situation is “frankly terrifying”.
  • AFP publishes report exposing worsening shortages of food and supplies in Wuhan
  • Cruise ship rejected by four countries allowed to dock in Cambodia
  • Rumors of 10k in Wuhan not included in official count of cases
  • NYT follows WSJ in exploring problems with Chinese testing kits
  • Global Times says US should restart travel to China
  • US officials complain about China still denying American help
  • First ship-to-shore infection occurs in Japan from ‘Diamond Princess’
  • State Department lets non-essential personnel and their families leave Hong Kong because of outbreak

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Update (1855ET)Hubei just released its latest round of coronavirus outbreak figures, and in a stunning confirmation of the ‘conspiracy theory’ that China had altered the way it was reporting Covid-19 deaths and cases (in order to suggest that things were improving and you should buy stocks), Hubei province just came clean and the numbers are stunning.

The number of cases exploded by 14,840…

…and the number of deaths spiked by 538.

And here is their explanation:

With the deepening of understanding of new coronavirus pneumonia and the accumulation of experience in diagnosis and treatment, in view of the characteristics of the epidemic in Hubei Province, the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission and the Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the “Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia (Trial (Version) “adds” clinical diagnosis “to the case diagnosis classification in Hubei Province, so that patients can receive standardized treatment according to confirmed cases as early as possible to further improve the success rate of treatment.

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