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Hundreds of Virus Carrying Planes Headed for US, London, Paris, Vancouver

Hundreds of Virus Carrying Planes Headed for US, London, Paris, Vancouver

Lockdowns are for the peasants, not those with money.

What Does Halt All Traffic Mean?

This morning, I Decided to Research this Question:

I don’t Know Jim, good question.

China statements say “tours”

Other sources suggest “individuals”

So … Is it Tours or Individuals?

And what about those who visited China from other countries?

Not covered at all IMO. https://twitter.com/biancoresearch/status/1221573171515678722 …Replying to @MishGEA97:21 PM – Jan 26, 2020

Results below.

Lockdown? What Lockdown?

There is no lockdown in China, if you are wealthy.

Check out this Beijing Flight Schedule for today. Here’s the Wuhan Flight Schedule for today.

Lockdowns are for those with no money, not the wealthy.

Beijing Departures

  • 25 flights on a page
  • 5 pages for the 00:00-06:00 departures
  • 26 pages for 06:00-12:00 departures
  • 22 pages for the 12:00-18:00 Beijing departures
  • 20 pages for the 18:00-00:00 departures

That’s about 1825 flights out of Beijing.

Wuhan Departures Today

How easy is it to escape Wuhan?

You can still catch a flight from Wuhan to Anchorage, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei and countless cities in China including Beijing and Shanghai.

  • There are 8 pages of flights out of Wuhan today. That’s about 200 flights. Most of the flights are within China, but that hardly stops containment.
  • In the 00:00-06:00 slot one flight left for Anchorage. Another left for Bangkok, Thailand and another went to Tokyo.
  • In the 06:00-12:00 slot, two planes left for Tokyo and three to Hong Kong.
  • In the 12:00-18:00 slot, three planes left for Seoul, South Korea and two went to Taipei, Taiwan.
  • In the 18:00-00:00 slot, one plane went to Bangkok , three went to Taipei, three went to Hong Kong,

Wuhan Departures Tomorrow

Tomorrow, there are four flights from Wuhan to Singapore, three to Taipei, two to Bangkok, three to Tokyo, three to Paris, and six to Hong Kong, three to San Francisco,

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