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Unhappy Thoughts For the Fourth of July

Unhappy Thoughts For the Fourth of July

The human race, being a collection of stupids, continues to make decisions that imperil itself.

For example, a simple mistake in a warning system about incoming ICBMs can end all life on earth.  The supersmart idiots who invented nuclear weapons did not think about the possible unintended consequences of their handiwork.  They wanted to defeat the Nazis, and that was the limit of their imagination.

If you don’t like that example, consider this one.  The digital revolution has made us dependent on communications and control systems, such as those that operate power systems, that can be fried by superflares, which the sun on which we depend has every 2 or 3 thousand years, and shut down by hackers.  https://www.airspacemag.com/daily-planet/yet-another-looming-disaster-180972494/?spMailingID=40059465&spUserID=NzQwNDU0NzQ5NDMS1&spJobID=1542273286&spReportId=MTU0MjI3MzI4NgS2 

As I understand it, the same thing can happen from a nuclear blast in the atmosphere.  When power systems go down, nuclear reactors can overheat and produce Fukushima meltdowns.  Try to image the consequences of a large number of such meltdowns.  Yet, we have adopted a technology that subjects us to these kind of risks as well as to an Orwellian police state existence.

Why?  Because the human race is mindless.  Unlike highly intelligent non-human animals who are capable of rational decisions, humans can’t see beyond the end of their noses. The smell of money is what they respond to.

And there are health risks of technology, such as those associated with the rollout of 5G.  See for example:  https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/06/29/5g-the-stupidest-idea-in-the-history-of-the-world/ 

Nevertheless, 5G is rolling out as it serves material interests, that is, corporate profits.  The external costs of these profits, if the many dissenting scientists and medical professionals are correct, will greatly exceed in medical bills, infertility, anguish, shortened life spans, and so forth, the totality of profits from 5G.  

But don’t think your government, or the 5G corporations care.

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