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U.S. Flies Recon Plane Over Ukraine In Provocative “Warning” To Russia

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday it conducted a provocative military reconnaissance flyover of Ukraine following heightened tensions in the wake of the Nov. 25 Kerch Strait incident.

Air Force OC

A Pentagon official stated the rare flight was carried out under the international Open Skies Treaty to “reaffirm U.S. commitment to Ukraine,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The specific flight path is unknown, but an unarmed high-tech Air Force observation plane was used with international personnel on board, likely to signal international opposition to what the US has called Russian “aggression” around Crimea in the Black Sea, per the WSJ report:

U.S. officials wouldn’t specify the Thursday plane’s flight path but said it was near Crimea, the Ukrainian region seized by Russia in a 2014 invasion. They used a U.S. Air Force OC-135 observation plane, which was specifically designed for such missions, with U.S., Canadian, German, French, UK, Romanian and Ukrainian observers aboard, the Pentagon said.

This also comes after the US notified Turkey that it may send a warship through the key Bosporus Straits and Dardanelles waterways in order to enter the Black Sea for the first time since the Russian seizure of three Ukrainian vessels near the Kerch Strait. US defense officials weren’t shy to note that the request was specifically in response to Russia’s actions against Ukraine.

But also on Wednesday in the most significant US-Russia incident an American destroyer sailed through waters claimed by Russia in the Sea of Japan for the first time since the Soviet era in 1987. The U.S. Pacific Fleet confirmed that the guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell sailed “in the vicinity of” Peter the Great Bay on Wednesday–

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