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“The Threat Is With Us Today”: US Powerless Against Weaponized Drone Attacks, DHS Warns

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is asking Congress for more powers to combat against malicious drones that could threaten the US. Top intelligence officials are increasingly concerned about the use of transporting narcotics via drones by drug cartels and weaponized drones by terrorists.

CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues was granted rare access and observed government surveillance drones in action at a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility in Tucson, Arizona. Pegues saw behind the scenes of what it takes to operate a drone unit that frequently surveils the Mexico–US border searching for illegal activity.

He met with DHS’ top intelligence official David Glawe and CBP Chief Rodolfo Karisch to discuss the threat of drones.

“If you want to move people, narcotics, God forbid weapons of mass destruction or anything else over the border, you have a surveillance location that can be now automated with drones at a very inexpensive cost by organizations outside of the United States,” Glawe said.

Countless videos over the last several years have shown ISIS using commercial grade drones for precision bombing strikes on their enemies.

Last month, two drones packed with high explosives reportedly flew toward Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in what the Venezuelan government has described as a failed assassination attempt. “Any time drones are used for an attack, what appears to have been an assassination attempt, it’s gravely concerning,” Glawe said.

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