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Clarity on the Road to Civil War

Clarity on the Road to Civil War


If there’s one thing that makes this job difficult it is the endless smokescreens. Filtering out the noise is draining. From the double-speak of politicians to the endless manipulations of financial markets by central bankers the world is awash in fake news, fake prices and fake geniuses.

So, when a series of events occur that bring clarity to the circus that is world politics, my first reaction is to distrust them. It’s that weird moment when the evil-doers rip off their masks and just start telling you what their intentions are. This creates cognitive dissonance in those of us conditioned to reading between the thinnest of lines.

But, sometimes things are exactly what they appear to be.

And what is clear to me now is that the Deep State is done whipping the progressive Left into a frenzy over Donald Trump. They are now openly handing them pitchforks and mustering for a hostile takeover of the Oval Office.

The anonymous op-ed published by the New York Times timed perfectly with the leaked quotes from moldy old Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear – Trump in the White House” are clarion calls for a challenge of Trump’s competency via the 25th amendment.

We are in the last 60 days before the mid-term elections. The fear of loss by the Deep State is palpable. If Trump survives this election with his base and any form of congressional majority intact he will finally be able to go to town on these people who are a threat not just to the country but to humanity itself.

This narrative about Trump being unstable and insane began during the campaign and those that need to believe in this were always willing to keep this fire stoked. After that it’s simply a matter of repeating the lie over and over until, hopefully, they’ve manufactured a bonfire big enough to roast Trump on the altar of their agenda.

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