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Resistance if Futile: The Borg Empire’s State of Mind


Despite claims to the contrary, it is extremely difficult to differentiate between reality and the Borg Empire’s State of Mind. If you live and die in a water filled fish bowl where algae, barnacles and various other vision obscuring detritus slowly accumulate on the circular glass wall, the worlds both inside and out are perceived in very specific ways.

Have you ever experienced an epiphany, that moment of clarity and realization where nothing has changed, but everything is different? I’m not speaking of a Eureka moment when sudden insight is gained into a particular issue or problem. Rather I speak of that moment when our focus suddenly shifts from the green slime on the wall to some or all of what lay beyond.

Personally I’ve experienced it three times in my life, four if you count that wonderful acid trip way back when my young mind was still flexible enough to comprehend the impossible. The problem presents when returning to this distorted reality thoroughly shaken and awestruck, but still capable of functioning in an insane world while not clearly remembering, or comprehending, the real one.

Not everyone can re-adjust to our horribly distorted and altered reality once near perfection is revealed. Then again, well adjusted and functioning within the Borg Mind most definitely doesn’t mean we are healthy and sane.

Each of my visits to the other side of the glass divide was eventually followed by back sliding into the comfortably numb black abyss of the Collective Mind. Cognitive leaps are usually an accumulation of carefully digested baby steps, often one or two forward and on occasion one or two back. True progress is measured in experience units, not in accumulated pieces.

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