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Are Gas Shortages Coming to America?

Are Gas Shortages Coming to America?

Gas shortages could be coming to America…and quickly.

An unexpected fuel crisis has hit Canada. According to a Canadian blogger andauthor, not one, but two, fuel tankers were inexplicably delayed last week, and shortages ensued alarmingly quickly, with numerous gas stations running completely out of fuel within a matter of days. Marie Beausoleil wrote:

The delay was long enough that gas stations across Nova Scotia ran out of gas, even with a week of rationing.  The gas stations knew the tankers were going to be late and starting rationing in advance.

By Thursdaystorage tanks in the city of Dartmouth were empty.

The tankers arrived on Friday and started the process of unloading.

By Saturday the shortage had spread to the smaller communities, the less busy gas stations.

By Sunday evening, motorists across the province were stranded and “Out of gas” signs were everywhere. It would take, people were warned, at least a week to get all service stations filled across the province (and if you’re not familiar with it, Nova Scotia is a very small place!) (Check out the rest of the article HERE)

If you couple a potential fuel shortage with the dramatic instability of the US stock market, it sure doesn’t paint a sunny  forecast for the American economy.

A major fuel shortage could send epic economic shockwaves across the country, since our economy is based on cheap oil.

It all boils down to this: the transportation system.

  • If we can’t transport goods, businesses will have nothing to sell.
  • If businesses have nothing to sell, they can’t keep their staff employed.
  • If people have no work, they have no money.
  • If a few items are available, they will be outrageously expensive and not many folks will be able to afford the goods.
  • If you DO have money, you still have very little to buy.

Lots of people like to shake their heads and say, “Oh, this won’t hurt me at all.” That’s pretty shortsighted, because a fuel shortage will affect EVERYONE. CDL Life News recently published this alarming infographic.

Transportation system shut down

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