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Italy Goes Full “Wuhan”, Orders Most Restrictive Lockdown Yet, As Global Case Total Passes 300k: Live Updates

Italy Goes Full “Wuhan”, Orders Most Restrictive Lockdown Yet, As Global Case Total Passes 300k: Live Updates


  • Massive surge in number of deaths and cases in UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France
  • New York, New Jersey deaths, cases accelerate
  • Italy goes under full lockdown
  • NY Gov Cuomo: “months, not weeks” to control virus
  • Ukraine declares total quarantine
  • Belgium sees 25% jump in cases
  • Saudi Arabia reports 10% spike
  • German gov’t ends years of fiscal restraint with 365 billion euro aid package
  • NYC airspace closed after positive Air Traffic Controller test
  • NJ declares full state lockdown; “will take action” for people not following precautions
  • FDA authorizes first 45-minute COVID-19 test
  • US Fiscal Aid package around $2 trillion (10% of GDP), Kudlow
  • Officials increasingly calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics

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Update (1835ET): Even after threatening Italians in some areas with serious criminal penalties for violating their stringent quarantine orders, it seems Italy’s coronavirus containment efforts have failed.

After reporting another shocking jump in deaths, the Italian government has gone full “Wuhan”, ordering a complete shutdown of industrial production for 15 days.

In a speech delivered just before midnight on Saturday in Rome, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that he is ordering ALL non-essential businesses to be closed, and for Italians to stay home.

These measures are slightly more restrictive than the current measures, which allow Italians more freedom to move about their towns and communities. They will also likely result in a much larger economic hit, as Italy’s industrial stalwarts are forced to pause operation.

And just like that, an entire country – 60 million Italians – is now under ‘shelter in place.’

Elsewhere, as Middle Eastern countries escalate their crackdowns, Kuwait announced that it would start imposing a curfew between 5pm and 4am due to what the government called “non-compliance with Ministry of Health’s instructions to stay indoors.” Meanwhile, the UAE has closed beaches and parks for two weeks.

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“Unparalleled Challenge” – Inside America’s First Locked-Down Major City, “Everything’s Out Of Our Control”

“Unparalleled Challenge” – Inside America’s First Locked-Down Major City, “Everything’s Out Of Our Control”

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US has more than doubled in the last several days. California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a state-wide “stay at home” order amid the virus outbreak – the strongest and most restrictive measure passed by a governor yet.

On Tuesday, there were about 5,700 confirmed cases in the US. But by Thursday the number exploded to 11,500. Now, on Friday morning, confirmed cases stand at 14,000.

The announcement comes after San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area issued ‘shelter in place’ orders after a surge of deaths and confirmations in the state. As of Friday morning, there are 18 virus-related deaths.

Several days into one of the most extreme lockdowns, Bay Area residents have been forced to stay at home, only allowed to leave for essential travel, such as shopping for groceries, medications, fuel, caring for others, and exercise. 

NBC News spoke with one resident, Trish Tracey, who had to shutter her restaurant on Tuesday in the Mission district. She laid off her entire kitchen staff of 17 employees and has tried to renegotiate her lease. 

“Everything is out of our control,” Tracey said.

The uncertainty of where the city is in the pandemic curve has left everyone confused. Strict social distancing rules have been enforced to slowdown infections to prevent local hospitals from becoming overburden with virus patients.

“The goal is to get up and running again and put all my employees back to work,” Tracey said. “I wish I could say with certainty that would happen, and I’m very determined, and I lasted five years because of that, but everything is on pretty shaky ground right now.”

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Reports warn of disabling attacks to U.S. power grid that could wipe out “democracy” and the “world order”

Image: Reports warn of disabling attacks to U.S. power grid that could wipe out “democracy” and the “world order”
(Natural News) A pair of reports released in the past month from two separate federal entities both warn of dire, devastating consequences from the destruction or disabling of a substantial portion of the U.S. power grid.

In late November, the Pentagon released an eye-opening analysis of the effects of a potential  electromagnetic pulse (EMP) stemming from the detonation of a sizable nuclear weapon above the United States. The report by the Electromagnetic Defense Task Force at Air Force University noted that, “Based on the totality of available data, an electromagnetic spectrum attack may be a threat to the United States, democracy, and the world order.”

The report culled information from a mostly classified summit of government officials from 40 agencies who met just outside of Washington, D.C. over the summer and forcefully calls for a new focus by Congress and the Trump administration for making preparations either for an enemy EMP attack or a naturally occurring event such as a major solar storm, the Washington Examiner reported.

Much of the report focuses on the negative effects of an EMP event as it pertains to U.S. military capabilities. However, the report also appears to substantiate a congressional warning from 2017 that claimed up to 90 percent of the population along the East Coast could die within a year of the event.

Citing information from the Union of Concerned Scientists, the report said:

— Approximately 99 nuclear reactors would very likely melt down because there would be no electricity to power infrastructure that keeps them cool;

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“Worst Storm In A Quarter Century” Nears Hawaii, Gov Warns “Be Prepared To Shelter In Place”

Overnight saw Hurricane Lane churn slowly toward Hawaii as 1.4 million people brace for the U.S. Pacific island state’s worst storm in a quarter century.

Hurricane Lane in the early morning hours near Hawaii (Source/ The crew of the @Space_Station) 

The storm is moving northwest to the Hawaiian islands at 7 miles per hour with sustained winds of 130 miles per hour, and forecasters say it’s “on course to pass very close” to the islands or make landfall from Thursday through early Saturday.

It could be so disastrous that state officials are asking residents to stockpile food and water for several weeks.

“Be prepared to shelter in place with 14 days of food supplies and water and any other necessities,” Hawaii Gov. David Ige said at a press conference Wednesday.

NOAA: Lane Weakens Slightly While Tracking Towards The Hawaiian Islands 

“Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion,” the National Weather Service said. “Life-threatening impacts are likely in some areas as the hurricane makes its closest approach.”

NOAA: Earliest Reasonable Arrival Time of Tropical-Storm-Force Winds

“Lane – classified as a powerful Category 4 storm on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricane strength – was expected to hit the Big Island overnight and slam the island of Maui on Thursday,” according to Reuters.

To the north, Oahu was under a hurricane warning while Kauai remained on hurricane watch meaning it could face similar conditions starting Friday morning.

Governor David Ige requested for a President Disaster Declaration for the State of Hawaii on Wednesday. Washington shortly approved it.

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