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Dramatic Drone Footage Shows Extent Of San Jose Flooding

Dramatic Drone Footage Shows Extent Of San Jose Flooding

While the series of major storms hitting California have begun to subside, residents of San Jose are being warned to keep away from affected homes until water levels decrease to a safe level. Flash floods along the west coast of the US have seen thousands of people forced to leave their homes and a state of emergency declared by California governor Jerry Brown. The majority of mandatory evacuation orders have now been downgraded for areas including Sutter County around the Oroville Dam Spillway, which sparked panic one week ago when it threatened to collapse during the floods.

However, San Jose, the 10th largest city in the US, remains one of the most substantial urban regions affected, with 14,000 resident evacuated and more than 36,000 homes estimated to be hit by floodwater, reports the San Francisco Gate.

To get a sense of the water damage, the following drone footage shows the extent of the flooding in San Jose.

City Mayor Sam Liccardo has admitted failures in the official response to the storm crisis. “If the first time that a resident is aware that they need to get out of a home is when they see a firefighter in a boat, then clearly something went wrong,” Mayor Sam Liccardo said, report KQED News. “We are assessing what it is that led to that failure.”

The reason for the city’s dire predicament is that over the last two weeks, heavy rains pushed water levels at Santa Clara County’s largest reservoir into the danger zone. That happened over the weekend, sending massive amounts of water into the Coyote Creek, which runs through the heart of San Jose. By Tuesday, the creek was overflowing at numerous locations, inundating neighborhoods, flooding hundreds of homes and forcing the frantic evacuations of more than 14,000 residents, who remained out of their homes Wednesday, the LA Times reported.

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From drought to deluge: an ecological approach to California’s water crisis

From drought to deluge: an ecological approach to California’s water crisis

Mudflats, Erik Ohlson Nov 2015 article on drought
Dry creek bed in California. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Climate change is the greatest threat to human civilization and a major driver of droughts, floods, fires, food system collapse and economic destabilization. Basing our infrastructure on fossil fuel technology that is imposed upon rather than in harmony with the natural environment, we have created and exacerbated all of these crises. Most importantly, while we need to reduce consumption, we also need to fundamentally change the way we interact with each other and our planet. It is imperative to realign the needs of civilization with the sustainable management and regeneration of Earth’s natural processes.

Water is one of the greatest indicators of how far we’ve strayed from designing so much of what we build and shape to be regenerative of our environment.

In California we especially need to rectify our relationship to water. The state has been experiencing one of the greatest droughts in its history. The agricultural industry is at risk, and groundwater and public water supply regulations now affect millions of people throughout the state.

While the media focuses on larger-scale challenges, small-scale, implementable solutions seem absent from the discussion. Small-scale solutions are beautiful because they often address both drought and flood problems. With one of the strongest El Niños on record developing in the Pacific, California may see a massive deluge this winter. It could be damaging if we don’t prepare now. On the heels of a multi-year drought, flash floods and the inundation of dry, crusty soils will be especially damaging.

A sensible relationship with water is a key factor that has been missing from the management of our landscapes over the last 100+ years. The development industry thought of water as a negative that needed to be drained away lest it destroy our structures and cause flooding. This mindset must end.

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Scientists Warn ‘Godzilla’s Coming!’ – Millions Potentially Endangered By Coming Monster!

Scientists Warn ‘Godzilla’s Coming!’ – Millions Potentially Endangered By Coming Monster! 

Prepare! Deadly Rains Targeting Coast Loom!


“Storms will reign,” LA Times reported on October 15 after the National Weather Service issued a warning that El Niño is getting stronger, raising odds of more deadly heavy rains and mudslides. (http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-el-nino-forecast-20151015-story.html) Hours later Thursday, flash floods in California sent water and mud flowing into roads Thursday, triggering mudslides that buried cars and forcing closure of a portion of Interstate 5 in the Tehachapi Mountains, a highway known locally as “the grapevine.” California Highway Patrol said Friday night that I-5 had reopened after a cleanup.

First responders scrambled to rescue motorists stranded on roadways as flash floods and large hail pounded areas north of Los Angeles, Southern California authorities began digging out Friday. That storm is a clarion call to Californians and Northern Baja California Sur, Mexico residents.

While lower-profile weather forecasters had already issued the warning weeks ago, the National Weather Service stated for the first time on Thursday that it, too, expects El Niño to bring storms along with their wetter-than-average rains to virtually all of California. The statement followed a series of deadly environmental events across the globe that claimed hundreds of lives and millions of dollars worth of destruction, as though few knew and were prepared.


El Niño is expected to send more big storms throughout Southern California and as far north as San Francisco Bay Area. The forecast includes mountainous feeding California’s most important reservoirs, that then feed water into much of the entire state – and that means mudslides.

Being a season of unusual disastrous weather-related events, west coasters are urged to take note and prepare.

A “number of significant storms” will bring heavy rains.

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Calgary thunderstorm causes power outages, flooding in Chestermere

Calgary thunderstorm causes power outages, flooding in Chestermere

Lightning advisory that grounded all flights at Calgary airport now lifted

People in Calgary woke up with a bang early Sunday morning as a line of thunderstorms hovered over the city, bringing lightning, power outages and overland flooding in communities to the east.

As the storms moved eastward, severe thunderstorm warnings issued by Environment Canada remained in effect for Red Deer, Ponoka, Innisfail and Stettler by 3 p.m. MT. An earlier storm warning for Calgary was cancelled at 9:40 a.m. MT.

“Meteorologists are tracking a dangerous thunderstorm capable of producing up to penny size hail and flooding rain,” the agency said on its website.

Thunderstrom watches — the agency’s less urgent category of alert — were still in effect for much of the southeastern part of the province by late afternoon.

When the storm hit early Sunday morning it caused flash-flooding in parts of northeast Calgary as well as Langdon and Chestermere east of the city.

The Alberta emergency public alert system tweeted a warning about overland flooding in Chestermere.

“While short, this was an intensely severe storm that brought an amount of water that overwhelmed our systems” Steve Bagley, Chetermere’s director of emergency management. said in a release.

“We are working hard to assist residents and restore services as quickly as possible.”

Officials said power had been restored to most parts of the city by 1:30 p.m. MT and that Chestermere Lake water levels were under control.

Langdon resident Andrew Kucy said it didn’t take long for his basement to flood.


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