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Angry French Pensioners Cut Power To Central Bank, Hint At More To Come

Angry French Pensioners Cut Power To Central Bank, Hint At More To Come

France’s trade unions on Wednesday defended a series of illegal power cuts to 150,000 homes, thousands of companies and the Bank of France in an effort to force the Macron government to quash its wide-ranging pension reform, according to Reuters.

The power cuts, illegal under French law, deepened a sense of chaos in the second week of nationwide strikes that have crippled transport, shut schools and brought more than half a million people onto the street against President Emmanuel Macron’s reform.

Asked on French radio whether the power cuts weren’t a step too far, Philippe Martinez, the head of the hardline CGT union, said the cuts were necessary to force Macron to back down. 

“I understand these workers’ anger,” the mustachioed union leader said. “These are targeted cuts. You’ll understand that spitting on the public service can make some of us angry.”

Following a meeting with government officials, he hinted at further cuts, saying “we may amplify these kinds of methods”. –Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron slammed the pensioners “in the strongest of terms” during a cabinet meeting, according to a government spokeswoman – however his office acknowledged that they were open to “improvements” to their reform package ahead of another day of negotiations between the prime minister and union leaders.

Macron wants to turn the myriad of French pension systems into a single points-based one. That would force staff at state-owned firms such as railway SNCF or utility EDF, who enjoy more generous pension plans than private-sector workers, to work longer.

SNCF train drivers currently can retire at just over 50, for instance, against 62 for those in the private sector. That means taxpayers have to plug the SNCF pensions deficit to the tune of 3 billion euros every year.

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Preparedness Author Michael Mabee Warns of Grid Threats: “It is not enough to be the only prepared family”

Preparedness Author Michael Mabee Warns of Grid Threats: “It is not enough to be the only prepared family”

In the U.S. we are literally on life support, plugged into the electric grid. If somebody unplugs us, everything necessary to sustain life stops: food, water, fuel, transportation, medical care, communications, financial – everything.

The grid is vulnerable to numerous threats. The U.S. Senate said that in a long-term nation-wide blackout, millions of citizens could die. After a few weeks, we would die in droves from waterborne diseases, starvation, and societal collapse. What if the grid went down for longer than a few weeks?

Why isn’t anything being done about this threat?

We have known this for over two decades from numerous federal reports and hearings, but nothing has been done about it. Why?

“The grid is self-regulated,” author Michael Mabee explained. “The only federal agency with the authority to act, FERC, is run by industry insiders.”

For the past 15 years, commissioners of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have been cut from the same bolt of cloth. All but two were lawyers. Most go on to high power positions in law firms representing the utility industry. Some actually go to the utility industry itself. FERC is a stepping stone to a lucrative future position in the industry or representing the industry.

FERC Commissioners don’t want to upset the industry by requiring it to protect the grid from cyber attacks, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), physical attacks and untrimmed foliage. The industry fights efforts to harden the grid.  FERC Commissioners do not want to antagonize an industry dangling lucrative positions following their FERC terms.

The federal government has no plan for a long-term power outage. FEMA recently admitted this:

“Current planning does not include any contingencies for very long term or extremely widespread power outages.” –FEMA National Preparedness Symposium May, 2018

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6 Everyday Gadgets With Manual Powered Alternatives


Normally when I write up one of these articles I pick one gadget or appliance that normally runs on traditional electricity or fossil fuels and describe the benefits of an alternative energy version of the same thing. But there are so many everyday gadgets that we use that have energy free alternatives that may not warrant a full-page write-up but are still important to know about.

We are so accustomed to flipping a switch and have our gadgets turn on and do all of our work for us. But if you want to reduce electricity usage and your carbon footprint there are plenty of alternatives to gadgets you use every day, and most of them don’t require much more work on your part than the powered versions.


Ok, in all fairness most of you probably already have a hand crank can opener. They are far more common than the electric variety. If, however, you are using an electric can opener and you are not running a restaurant where you need to open hundreds of cans a day, switch to an old-fashioned can opener, a simple metal one will probably last longer than that loud electric version anyway.


If you are a real coffee lover then you are doing yourself a disservice by drinking the regular drip brew variety. A French press makes a much better coffee and only takes about ten minutes. Coffee out of a French press tastes richer and gets you going faster. If you are someone who uses the single serve cups of coffee then you can use a French press to enjoy a single-cup of coffee without sending a bunch of cups off to the landfill.

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Storm Leaves 600,000 French Households Without Power

Storm Leaves 600,000 French Households Without Power

According to French electricity grid operator Enedis, winter storm Zeus which unleashed hurricane-force winds across much of southern France, has left more than 600,000 French households without power as of 4pm on Monday. The company’s website advises that the power cuts have affected 175,000 customers in Brittany, 190,000 in Auvergne Rhone Alpes, 130,000 in Nouvelle Aquitaine, 80,000 in Pays de Loire, and the company advises that more than 3,500 technicians from Enedis are working in the field to deal with “very major” storm damage.

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Centre :  les techniciens @enedis sur le terrain pour diagnostiquer le

 le réseau et réalimenter les foyers impactés

Almost 1.7mn Crimeans on emergency electricity supplies, no power coming from Ukraine (PHOTOS)

Almost 1.7mn Crimeans on emergency electricity supplies, no power coming from Ukraine (PHOTOS)

On a street in Simferopol. Early on Sunday November 22, two electricity transmission lines from Ukraine were cut, causing a blackout on the entire peninsula. © Artem Kreminsky

2.1 Million Greeks Face Blackout As Public Power Company Unpaid Bills Soars

2.1 Million Greeks Face Blackout As Public Power Company Unpaid Bills Soars

Greece’s Public Power Company is angry. The amount of unpaid bills by its customers has reached the astronomic EUR 2.5 billion. The PPC is so angry that it plans to cut the power to those without outstanding debts as soon as possible – a whopping 2.1 million Greeks face darkness.


As KeepTakingGreece reportsmany Greeks cannot afford to pay the bi-monthly bill mostly because the amount to be paid doubles due to added extra fees like emissions, green-whatever, municipality fees, state tv fees,  etc.

For example bi-monthly electricity consumption is estimated by DEH to be €52 but i am asked to pay €100 becausee of the extra charges. The bill includes 13% Value Added Tax but also “interest” of €0.44 although I pay per monthly bank order and I am never late. Every 4 months I receive a bill based on my real consumption – and not just an ‘estimation’ – and then I find my self in a state of passing out. Summer months are more expensive due to the use of A/C, winter months are also expensive due to the use of electric devices like A/C to heat the apartment. Bills explode to several hundred euros.

I am not alone in my struggle to pay the bill. But many cannot even afford it.

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According to Greek media reports, 2.1 million consumers have outstanding debts to the Greek PPC. They are private households, businessmen of small and medium enterprises, merchants, craftsmen.

Now the PPC plans to “turn the power off” and leave them in the dark. Not without previous notice, though. It will send consumers a warning and if they won’t comply, they will desperately seek to turn on the lights in the evening, cook for their kids, keep the cheese in the fridge, use their wireless phone, watch tv, heat their homes opr complain about their situations on the internet.

The business debts are reportedly 1.8 billion euro.

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Sounding The Alarm On The Country’s Vulnerability To An EMP

Sounding The Alarm On The Country’s Vulnerability To An EMP

Establishment insiders are worried we’re too vulnerable

In the past here at Peak Prosperity, we’ve written extensively on the threat posed by a sustained loss of electrical grid power. More specifically, we’ve warned that the most damaging threat to our grid would come from either a manmade or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

A good friend of mine, Jen Bawden, is currently sitting on a committee of notable political, security and defense experts  — which includes past and present members of Congress, ambassadors, CIA directors, and others — who are equally concerned about this same threat and have recently sent a letter to Obama pleading for action to protect the US grid.

Before we get to that letter, here’s a snippet from what we wrote on the matter roughly a year ago:

We talk a lot about Peak Cheap Oil as the Achilles’ heel of the exponential monetary model, but the real threat to the quality of our daily lives, if not our lives themselves, would be a sustained loss of electrical power. Anything over a week without power for any modern nation would be a serious problem.  A month would lead to chaos and many deaths.

When the power goes out, everything just stops. For residential users, even a few hours begins to intrude heavily as melting freezers, dying cell phones, and the awkward realization that we don’t remember how to play board games nudge us out of our comfort zone.

However, those are just small inconveniences.

For industrial and other heavy users, the impact of even a relatively short outage can be expensive or even ghastly. Hospitals and people on life-assisting machinery are especially vulnerable. Without power, aluminum smelters face the prospect of the molten ore solidifying in the channels from which it must be laboriously removed before operations can be restarted.

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