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New Developments and Accepting Our Predicaments Without Blame

New Developments and Accepting Our Predicaments Without Blame

Forest clear cut along Chattooga Ridge Rd. in South Carolina

Today’s eclectic article has to do with new developments that have popped up recently, reiterating issues I have brought up previously, sometimes repeatedly. One of these things has to do with who and what we are as a species. This differs from us individually, as is demonstrated by the Maximum Power Principle (MPP). Still, violence within the confines of civilization is well-documented even if most individuals do not practice violence themselves. I have brought up the violence our closest cousins, chimpanzees, mete out within their tribes on numerous occasions to point out that this tendency (violence) is in our genes. Through many arguments over the past couple of years, it was pointed out to me that this is due to our patriarchal society rather than a strictly genetic basis and that having a matriarchal society resembling our second-closest cousins, the bonobos, would resolve this. I actually believed that up until now, when a new study has shown that this is not the case. There’s an argument to made that in fact, there are two types of aggression in human violence and that there is a goodness paradox in which we have become more domesticated, meaning we have become both less violent and more violent. In any case, we don’t have a matriarchal society at this point in time, and I highly doubt (but cannot rule out) that attempting such a society would have much effect on our set of predicaments being caused by our extreme overshoot condition.

I have also repeatedly pointed out how assigning blame really accomplishes very little if anything at all. I continue to see different documentaries which are absolutely laughable as they point the finger to different parts of the overall equation, many of which (like this one)…

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