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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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Grieving Change, Celebrating Rebirth

Grieving Change, Celebrating Rebirth

The end of one story, and the beginning of another

The McDermitt Caldera, just north of Thacker Pass, where an Australian corporation plans another open-pit mine. Photo by the author.

After fifteen years, I have parted ways with Deep Green Resistance over some disagreements on how to best build the movement. I feel profound sadness about leaving an organization that I helped build. But at the same time, a sense of openness fills me.

Change can bring grief, but it can also allow new flourishing. Like a wildfire that fertilizes the soil, brings sunlight to the forest floor, and allows the seeds of fire-adapted plants to sprout, that which seems like destruction is sometimes renewal.

So what’s next?

Most of my work is continuing with no change. The last few weeks have been almost as busy before. I do this work for passion, not a paycheck.

Protect Thacker Pass is working on some ambitious collaborations with our Tribal allies to educate and build opposition to mining and energy projects. We continue to fight the lawsuit filed by Lithium Nevada Corporation against myself and six other water protectors, and to fight the $49,890.13 fine the Federal Government levied against Will Falk and I for building pit toilets for native elders praying at Peehee Mu’huh.

We need significant funding to make this possible, so please donate to our new fundraising page if you are able.

Note that we have a new fiscal sponsor, Fertile Ground Conservancy. Formerly known as Fertile Ground Institute for Social and Ecological Justice, FGC is a small nonprofit that I’ve been involved with since 2009. Some of you may remember it as the host of the Earth at Risk events in the Bay Area between 2010—2014.

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