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What Would a New Civil War Look Like?

What Would a New Civil War Look Like?

Not Like the One You Learned In School

Editor’s Note: Today’s essay comes from Doug Casey’s longtime friend, Chris Weber. You might recognize his name because we often discuss his excellent newsletter during our podcasts. You can catch Doug and me discussing the latest issue here. And in the past herehere, and here. We love it.

Each issue of The Weber Report is filled with market insights you simply will not find anywhere else. Plus, it comes packed with historical insights, just like the article below, which Chris graciously allowed us to share with you.

For us, The Weber Report is a must read. To get a three-month introductory subscription, click here.

From Chris Weber in The Weber Report:

A new movie opened this past weekend in the U.S. called “Civil War”, it tries to show what would happen if a new civil war broke out in the U.S. This is not at all a far-fetched idea: at least 40% of Americans believe there will be one within the next decade. Clearly the groundwork has been laid for it over these past several years.

In America these days you hear a lot about people who once were friends but now hate each other. Or were families that now don’t speak except to yell. It’s like walking through a minefield, except for one thing: neither side knows very much. At least not much about facts concerning past civil wars.  To start with, they think we’ve only had one civil war before, and on this they couldn’t be more wrong.

Those many people who are so sure we’re going to have another civil war, they rarely have hard facts at their hand.  Ask them people what they actually know about the “Civil War”, and they’ll tell you some facts —mostly untrue— about the only civil war they know about.

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